Your Experience with Money is Based on Your Perspective

Channeled Message from Malkezedek
through Leah Levkowitz

Right now you are shifting from a reality involving a belief system of duality or polarity, that there must be a right and wrong or good and bad to everything. However the truth is that this is occurring only in your 3D reality. This is what you experience from the collective consciousness.

Once you become AWARE of a higher reality, the reality of oneness, of wholeness, that there is no right or wrong or opposites, that is only your perspective based on what you choose to see, then your whole experience in the physical realm will shift.

You see if you look at your reality from the perspective that you have been which is based on what you have learned and experienced from others and stored in your unconscious mind, you will continue to create that perspective.

If however you wake up and realize or become aware of a different way to see your reality from beyond this limited perspective, you can then see a completely different reality, which will open you to completely different solutions and experiences.

As long as you stay stuck in doing things from the collective consciousness, your family, friends, environment, who see you in a particular way, it will be difficult to come out of this reality.

This is why it is imperative to connect with your soul and source and your guides to help you to come out of this limited reality. We are coming through in every way to help you at this time. However we will not take away your free will, as this is why you are having this physical experience to take back your creative power to express God’s will.

Money is only a means to an end like everything in the physical world. It is a tool to give you an experience. That experience can be whatever you choose it to be. Money can be a wonderful thing or it can be something to enslave you. The choice really is yours. How much money you have or make is truly your own choice in which you wish to experience.

The shift that is occurring has nothing to do with money and how much you charge or spend or receive. It is your awareness of oneness and that whatever you do is supportive of the whole versus just yourself as the self doesn’t really exit. You are an individuated part of source. So whatever you choose to experience or create, have awareness that what you do benefits the whole.

Whether you see it or not it is contributing to the whole anyway. Even if you experience lack or insecurity you are providing an experience for those that can help you. So whatever you choose to experience you are creating the solution. It is just a matter of what you choose to experience. So if you are choosing to need help then you are creating the opposite to bring you help.

If you choose to create that there is total abundance for everyone then this is what you will create. When you learn to tap into your higher self you will see the solutions and you will be able to choose what you wish to experience.

As you are going through a transition and playing different roles some of you are here to help others to raise their awareness and consciousness.

Most of you are already aware of your intuitive abilities to some degree. Because of this you are sensing and being influenced by the collective confusion. This is why it is so imperative to connect to your soul, guides and god/source as much as you can to assist you in this transformation.

This is why Leah is offering tools in various ways to support you. She will need help to support as many people in this shift that is occurring now and in the next few years and so she is going to train those of you who are being called to do this work to help as channels giving guidance and support to empower a higher awareness in all that you do.

Leah will be presenting this very soon. In the meantime we suggest you start with her The Awakening To Your Inner Power Home Study Program, as we will directly work with you through that interactive program to develop your abilities and communicate directly with us. This is our goal to directly communicate with everyone to co-create your experience. Once this is accomplished many things will change.

I would also like to address materialism. Again, this isn’t good or bad. You are shifting to a perspective to create in a way that it benefits the whole. In order for you to fulfill your nature to create you will continue to come up with all kinds of things.

The shift will occur from the need to create from a place of ego, survival and security to creating in a way that gives back to the earth rather than destroying the earth. I hope that this gives you a clearer understanding of how you are evolving and shifting. We are open to discussion and questions that we will address through Leah. Thank you for allowing us to come through, Leah, and to you who are reading this.


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We are guiding Leah to make this program available to everyone. If you can’t afford the modest price for this program, email her to arrange a payment plan or reduced price that you can afford so that you have this necessary tool. We look forward to assisting you in your journey.

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