What is Your Relationship to Money?

Channeled Message from Malkezedek

This is Malkezedek. So the question posed is what is your relationship with money?

I say relationship, as you spend more time and energy with seeking money than you do with anything else. Let’s define what money is shall we? Money is security, status, success, means of happiness, control, manipulation, root of all evil, not spiritual, an opportunity to share, an opportunity to receive.

What it isn’t is a way to communicate with God. When you leave this world you will have no money. What you will have will be the ways in which you expressed yourself with what you had or did not have.

You see it matters not to your soul or to God how much you amass or how much you accomplish. What matters is how you express yourself as you are an expression of God. If you have 10 dollars in the bank account, are you struggling to survive or are you loving where you are and the opportunity of what you are capable of achieving? Are you appreciating all that you have received and all that you have or just struggling to survive? You see the man with millions can have the same mental conflict as the one with only 10 dollars. The millionaire may be struggling to pay all the enormous overhead to keep from loosing all that was amassed and have even more stress than the person with the 10 dollars, but no bills to pay. Is everything you do based on making a living or how much it will cost?

I’d like to give you another way to relate to money. Money is energy. I’m sure you’ve all heard this concept before. So if money is energy, then how do you relate or work with it? You are energy as well. As is all physical things. So if you are worried then you are going to draw to you energy that will cause you to worry. You may receive money, but in such a way that you have to worry about loosing it. If you put out that you never have enough to make ends meet, then this is what you will create. If you strive to receive a certain amount of money, you will receive it, maybe not in the time that you want because you also have other beliefs that are also manifesting how you receive. So if you will instead focus on being all of who you are and all that you can show up in the world, by who you are, finding ways to express love and your creative nature, taking one step at a time, the energy or money or way will come to you to manifest your being a co-creator of god. Let go of attachment to the way in which you will manifest your expression as what looks like something failing may be from a path that won’t take you far, to open up another path that will take you much further.

The reason that there is financial difficulty at this time is for you to have an opportunity to find different solutions. Many of you have been doing work that you are unhappy with, unfulfilled only because this was what was expected of you. You always have choices. You also have responsibility for your choices. There is always a way. Many are loosing everything of a physical nature right now to learn who they are and who they are not. You may be learning how resourceful you are, learning something new that is 100 times more fulfilling. You are discovering new ways of manifesting.

What is occurring at this time unlike ever before is creating joint efforts, coming together and helping one another. This is coming about from your desire and realization that you are all one. When you have the consciousness of what will benefit the whole, you will receive the solution.  This is why systems are falling apart. Anything that is self-serving that doesn’t benefit the whole will fail. If you are struggling, take time to meditate or contemplate what your relationship to money is and what you do to receive it. If you will do this, you will begin to see how your life is a reflection of what your beliefs have been. You have an opportunity to make new choices.

You are never alone. The answers are always there. You can either seek guidance from without, from a spiritual adviser or you can learn to receive direct guidance from within yourself. All you need to do is to have a desire to find your truth, not anyone else’s truth, but your own. We will do everything we can to answer you and guide you. The answers may come in different ways.  A loss of a job, your car breaking down that could lead you to meeting someone who can help you or direct you to a new job. You could plan to give a class and only one person show up and that one person introduces you to someone who knows Oprah.

Stay open and ask yourself what am I learning? The answers will come. You’ve heard the phrase when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The teacher can be anything or anyone.  It’s time to wake up and get real with how you feel about how you relate to the world. I guarantee you if you do, your world will change; and you will be surprised at what you are capable of creating. Even someone who has millions, look at how much more you can create with those millions if you find a way to create abundance for all. Start being creative with other ways to achieve your goals other than with money. Have fun. See how creative you can be. This is happening for a purpose.

Create support groups to brainstorm solutions for those with common goals. Some call them mastermind groups. You will find a way when you begin to look outside of just yourself. You weren’t meant to be alone. You learn from one another, as just as money is a reflection of who you are so are your relationships with other people. So open your eyes and truly see. Ask to see from the perspective of your soul.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you on this matter.

Peace and blessings.

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