Understanding Your Soul’s Journey

Channeled Message from God

I am the almighty one, source of all divinity and I am here today to offer you hope amongst all what you are experiencing in the world today.  Those of you who are reading this, for the most part are receiving this message for a reason.  You are here in the world as you made contracts of your free choice to help bring the world into a great shift.  You have for many lifetimes brought about change in the world in your own individual ways.  

Why have you chosen to do this.  Your souls evolve in different ways each in a selected area of specificity.  It isn’t so much as what you do for the world but how you evolve in your specific field.  You may be a healer, a spiritual teacher, a scientist or physical explorer or a historian.  These are some of the different areas that the soul chooses to evolve throughout their evolution.  Now for instance a soul that chooses to be a healer doesn’t necessarily need to be a doctor or a nurse, but they could be a mother that takes care of people or a child or they could be a teacher that brings healing to others.  Their basic form of evolution is to be a healer but in each lifetime it will manifest in a different way.  This is why some things are just natural to you without trying or if it was shut down once opened it will just open up quickly.  

You have access to all wisdom, but what you have experienced in a past life is in your soul memory.  So by developing your part of the equation is helping the whole. If you are a healer for example, your job is to become a master healer. The focus isn’t about healing others, but about you being who you are.  By focusing on being who you are rather than on the result of healing others, you will naturally bring forth the healing energy in whatever way and to whomever it is directed towards in an effortless flow.  Now of course, this would be the ideal, to reach this level of mastery, to not be connected to the results, just doing and being because you are inspired and passionate about what you are doing regardless of anyone else.  This is how you know if you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose.  

Many of you came to help create a revolution of consciousness and you feel responsible for what happens.  Let me reiterate, what you chose to do is for you and no one else.  You chose to have this experience to evolve from and so it adds to the collective whole.

It would be like building a boat.  You may choose to build the frame of the boat because you are a master carpenter and you like to create things with your hands. Another may like to conceptualize and visualize the design of the boat, but don’t care about the details. Others like to paint the designs to create beauty and art. Each is adding to the whole by what they individually contribute to the whole.  You might say you depend on one another, but it’s not out of need or responsibility, it’s out of inspiration.  

This of course is the ideal, the way things are meant to be, but for so long have been corrupted into fear of doing things right or wrong, good or bad, fear of failure, needing approval or acceptance outside of yourself.  I am turning the world upside down or should I say right side up, so that you may once again live from a place of equality of purpose in oneness and love.  

It is your job to follow your path to the best of your ability.  I am here to guide you as well as your family of guides on earth and in the non-physical realm as well as your soul.  All you need do is ask and we will find a way to help you fulfill your purpose.  It is all up to you.  

The most important task is to love yourself and in doing so you will be fulfilling your soul’s purpose.  We are bringing you guidance here and in every way, just be aware of what you hear within and without even in the subtlest of ways.  You always receive the answers to your questions.  It just might not be what you were expecting.  In time you will understand.  It’s part of the journey like being on a treasure hunt.  Half of the fun is figuring out the clues and overcoming the challenges to finally getting to the treasure.  It wouldn’t be the same if someone just handed it to you.  
You may get to the point where you can just manifest something effortlessly, but you had to learn how to do that on a conscious level.  

You could say you have gotten clues throughout your life as to what your soul’s purpose is.  Look at the times that you felt filled. You didn’t care if you received money or not and you forgot about eating and when you finished you had great satisfaction and accomplishment as well as others in what you did.  

Remember you are on a journey.  Take one step at a time and appreciate where you are at every moment.  Thank you for listening.  

Love and peace be with you.

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