Finding Purpose In Every Day Life

Finding Purpose

Channeled Message from God
through Leah Levkowitz

This is Elohim.

We see you struggle every day with your lives on how to find meaning in your lives. You spend so much of your time just finding ways to survive. How can you find your life purpose when so much of your time is focused on making a living, providing yourselves with shelter, food, sex and relationships?

No wonder you struggle with living a peaceful, harmonious life. So much of your consciousness is centered around the struggle. You see because the collective consciousness is so powerfully centered around fear–fear of death, safety, disease, poverty, lack and loneliness–that this consciousness affects you and drives your attention to overcome these things. In actuality though it keeps your energy caught up in the struggle to overcome.

This struggle then pushes you to ask is this what life is about? There must be more to it? When you get into these uncomfortable places of fear and lack, it is these times that drive you to find meaning in your life.

In actuality, by focusing your energy on growth, wonder and appreciation for all the little things that you have in your life and all that you have gained and received will reveal and shift your attention onto what you came here to do.

Spend time focusing on all of your accomplishments no matter how small. Recognize each and every smile that brightened someone’s day. Sit and relish your accomplishment of any goal you set out to do even if the results weren’t what you expected. How did you feel accomplishing what you set out to do? Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t make any money or few people showed up. You always will receive what you set out to accomplish eventually.

When you say to yourself that you didn’t succeed well, what you do is to keep yourself from receiving the beneficence that is yours. You block it from coming in. You can clearly see that when you focus your time and energy on survival, it carries the energy of survival and so that is what you create.  

Get into the habit of taking time each day to appreciating the things that you do have in your life. If you will get in the habit of doing this, you will see your life change. The more you will start appreciating things in your life the more you will find your true purpose for being here. This is the hint. It is the things that you appreciate that will lead you to following your true purpose.

We are happy to share this light to lead you on your journey to fulfillment.

Imagine what you can achieve when you remove the blocks and resistance from your conscious and unconscious fears and connect with your intuitive gifts to your spiritual guides, soul and God.

Let me guide you to experience the most empowering transformational breakthroughs to your success to step into your power now to change your life.

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  1. Madeline
    11 years ago

    Great article in re-opening my awareness to be grateful for what I have. In fact, I need to take time of just being and enjoying what I’m grateful for. Thanks for your inspiration.

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