Triggered again? Why and How to Shift Your Experience

Get Triggered?

Triggered again?

We all get triggered at times. No matter how successful or enlightened someone is, when you desire more in your life than what is there,and you don’t discover why, I guarantee you will get triggered.

Every time you want to grow to the next level, accomplish more, make a greater impact, something has to shift in order to move to that next level of awareness.

If we aren’t doing our conscious work proactively then what happens is the universe, your guides, soul and God comply with your desire for change by showing you what you are creating now so you can shift it.

The more aware we are of our beliefs and to our intuition and guidance from our guides the easier we will be able to shift and transform our experience to manifest our greatest potential.

It can be really difficult when we get triggered to understand why what is happening is happening to us.

The first thing to do is to really get in touch with what you are feeling and thinking about yourself and the situation. As hard as it may be, see it as an opportunity for growth. Write down your experience.

Ask yourself how you are creating it. This is the hard part to take responsibility for what is happening.

So for example, you wanted someone to help you share what you do and they turn you down. So you may feel really hurt, disappointed, angry, rejected and unloved. You don’t understand why they or God isn’t helping you. You might feel like what you do isn’t valued, like your contribution isn’t valued. You may feel like you work so hard to make a difference and not meeting your goals. The difference between what you desire and what your beliefs and feelings are is what is creating your experience.

Those beliefs have been with you for a long time. Finding the source and clearing them will enable you to create a new experience. We usually need help and guidance to help us to see the truth.

In order to clear this you first have to ask for and be open to help from your guides, your soul and God. Once your intuition is open and you have a clear connection with your guidance you will be able to receive the answers and guidance to heal and shift your beliefs and experience and help others.

Even if you don’t feel like your intuition is open or clear, still ask for guidance and listen to your thoughts.

If you need help I am able to help you in my private sessions. I couldn’t imagine being without the help of my guides anymore than being without a computer.

This is why I created The Awakening to Your Inner Power Live Event to connect you to your own guidance to help you achieve your greatest potential and impact in the world. Learn more and Register: Click Here.

Just know that you are not alone and have spirit guides always with you. Ask for their help and be open to receiving the guidance in some way. You were guided here as an answer to your desires. Whatever you decide your guides will never give up on helping you.

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