How to Transmute the Energy of Your Consciousness

How to Transmute the Energy of Your Consciousness

by Leah Levkowitz

This is St. Germaine. We have around us within our energy field palpable fields of energy that if you tune into them you can feel.  

You can get into a clear space and by consciously tuning into your unresolved emotions around a particular thought will lead you to a wave of energy that is coming from your memory and stored in your energy field.  

How can I best explain this and how you can tap into it?  

If you think of consciousness, thoughts, and emotions as a wave of energy, something physical that you don’t see with your physical eyes, you will be able to feel this energy from an objective viewpoint.  

What usually happens is that a thought pulls up this energy and generally overtakes you and you get immersed in this energy and react to it.

However, if you can proactively explore how you feel or believe about something you will be able to feel this consciousness and emotions come in and you can explore and find understanding about them without it overtaking you. You can then choose what to do with this energy. You can choose to change this energy from this unattached perspective.  In order to be able to do this you have to be willing to take responsibility for what you have created and be ready to let go.  Be willing to surrender to God and your soul and trust that in letting go of what you have been attached to, that has been keeping you exactly where you are, you will be guided to what will serve your soul’s potential.

These abilities are simple once you clear enough and get to a state of experiencing the subtle energies around you.  Once you will experience this you will begin to notice the subtle differences in energies that are around you all the time.  

For example, when you are standing in the ocean or in a pool, you can feel pockets of cold or warm water moving within the water around you.  It’s all water, but you can move in and out of these pockets of cold or warm water and they are very distinguishable.

By your opening your awareness that your thoughts, emotions and experiences are energy that are palpable, you will be able to tune into these things and thereby see them for what they are and decide to shift and clear them.  

If you see them as something you created and not who you are but just an experience you will begin to consciously create the experiences that you choose to have. You will then be able to choose to connect with your passion of your soul and to follow that.  You will then experience the energy transmute and any related physical healing.

All this is possible as you connect with spirit and clear the limiting beliefs of your mind and open to new realms of reality. Once you experience what is possible you will be amazed at the doors that will open to you. It is truly exciting what you have to look forward to in your future.  

You all have guides that are here to assist you in tapping into your own unique perspectives of reality.  They are waiting for you to ask for their assistance.  

Take the time to sit quietly and really desire this connection to God and your soul and let go of how this will come to you.  Trust in the unique way that you will open to this connection for you. Just open your awareness of everything around you that everything is here for your growth and evolvement.  As you do, your clarity will begin to unfold more and more each day.  Just be patient and enjoy the journey of discovery much in the same way that a child does at each new thing he sees.  

You can call on me for assistance.  
I am St. Germaine.

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