How to Transition through Spiritual Growth

Channeled Message from God through Leah Levkowitz

Many of you are experiencing confusion due to rapidly moving into greater consciousness or the desire thereof.

As you become more aware of the beliefs you have and that they are ones that you took on from others, you are stepping into new space in realizing who you truly are.

This is like learning a whole new subject, which many of you are doing on your own, without any guidance.

This is occurring not only for you personally but globally as the world is changing and you are all at a time of creating the next phase of mankind.

So how do you transcend the confusion?

It depends at what phase on your journey you are in. As you begin to become aware of beliefs that were learned but not true to who you are now, as you let them go, understand that there was purpose in them as they took you down a path for your growth.

Look at what you learned as a result of that path. Look to see how what you learned serves you in moving forward on a new path.

You cannot fail. There is nothing you did wrong. Everything that you did was to help you to learn and grow in order to learn how to love unconditionally.

In learning to love yourself you will go through different phases of challenges with relationships, wisdom and becoming the conscious co-creator that you are.

As you become clearer and connected to the consciousness of your soul to guide you, you will become aware of the thoughts and beliefs within your own personality and within the collective consciousness. What you see in the world will reflect your own truth.

Having a direct communication with your soul and guides and God through your intuition is invaluable.

If you do not already have this ability than find someone to help you. Whether with Leah or someone else.

Soul Empowerment Healing is a tool that can accelerate your growth by eliminating the unconscious beliefs that are limiting your full potential and clarity. It will help you step into your own power to create consciously to fulfill your purpose.

In order to transcend into following your soul’s full potential, honor where you are right now. Each step is necessary for your growth. Welcome change, recognizing that everything you learn is part of your education and growth to becoming self-realized.

If you are experiencing pressure, sadness frustration, etc. realize that it is coming from you to learn unconditional acceptance. Move into your heart, not your mind where all your limited thoughts are, and feel what resonates with joy, passion and excitement like you once felt as a child.

Get in touch with the pleasure of exploring something just for your own self-satisfaction. If you are sharing or teaching, it is not about anyone else but yourself. Will others learn from you? Yes. Recognize that as you grow everyone else grows. Once you understand this and take back your power to create your own reality your whole experience of life will shift. Be patient with yourself as this journey is a continual, ever expanding journey of exploration and expression of your source.

Thank you for your participation. Enjoy your trip into oneness and awakening.


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