Transformation of Work to Your Soul’s Purpose

Channeled by Leah Levkowitz from Rohan

Let’s bring to your awareness the separation you’ve created between your work and spirituality and leisure time. For a very long time you have separated them to being different forms of expression and this is why most of you are living unfulfilled and unhappy lives. You can’t wait for the weekend and dread Monday morning.

You may take note of the trend to work from home, to work for yourselves and this trend is a movement to unite your work with the rest of your life. Recognize that there is no separation of work from your spiritual life or family life, that all relationships are the same, that how you express yourself is the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s how you interact with people at work, with friends or family, they are all part of your spiritual growth.

Many of you are looking for your spiritual purpose and feel like you are incomplete if you aren’t doing that. From our perspective we sometimes find it humorous that you don’t see the connection to the two.

When you will find growth and learning in whatever you are doing, whenever and wherever you are, you will begin to align with your soul and everything you do will have meaning and purpose.

You will then be guided into what you are best at expressing yourself and you will feel more satisfied and purposeful. It truly doesn’t matter what you do, it is how you do it and what your experience of it is.

When you are aligned with your true expression you will naturally begin to resonate with individuals that have similar purposes.

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As you are moving more into your homes away from workplaces you will begin to feel cut off and alone and so the next transition will be towards finding groups that resonate with what you are doing. This will create a greater harmony and flow. These groups will support your expressing your full potential rather than compete and suppress one another. You will therefore become more creative, inspired and develop new and innovative ideas. It is a wondrous time to look forward to.

Some of you are already leading this movement. Initially, as these groups form, their will be healing of unconscious triggers and limiting beliefs to be overcome. By having a commitment to one another will help you move forward and if you stick it out you will create a great unity of unconditional love and acceptance. This is part of the purpose. These groups will also be supported by spirit and as you open up your connections to your intuition you will not feel so alone and know that you are always supported and loved.

We look forward to this journey with you.

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