Your Soul’s Purpose and Power to Manifest

Message from Malkezedek

Every one of you has a different purpose and direction based on who you are as a soul living in your physical reality.

We would like you to be able to leverage the spiritual and nonphysical energies that are just as real as you are, yet capable of harnessing all the energy of the divine collective and consciousness that created your whole universe and your incredible human mind and capabilities. You are still yet to tap into the immense possibilities that you will soon be able to achieve.

Once you allow the flow and communication of your soul consciousness and spiritual team and allow yourselves to believe in the ease that co-creating with us can become.

We wish you to communicate and break down the barriers that have limited these possibilities.

These barriers are the beliefs of how things are to be manifested, accomplished and achieved from a physical perspective only.

It is these beliefs that have blocked you from receiving access to all wisdom and solutions in an exciting and fun and passionate experience.

Beliefs such as:

“The harder I struggle the greater the merit and fulfillment I will experience.”
“The harder I work the more I will be respected, appreciated and loved.”
“I came here to benefit and improve the world in some way and if I don’t I have failed myself, God and others.”
“There is no gain without pain.”
“I am my brother’s keeper.”
“I am responsible for others well-being.”
And many more.

These beliefs are the farthest from the truth. They have kept you in bondage and hardship and giving others control over you because belief in them gives your permission to do so.

The initial intention for you coming into physical form is to experience your divinity by remembering the whole of who you truly are.

It is like a child receiving a new toy and the joy of exploring how to use it.

Your focus and imagination tunes you to a frequency to receive the communication to create and manifest that creation.

It is crucial to understand that you are the center of your experience. Therefore what you perceive, envision and decide has an impact on the whole of your reality, as you are all one.

It is like going to a massive food buffet. You have access to all of it but couldn’t possibly eat everything or even try everything. You would only eat that which you are drawn to in the moment.

The freedom comes from you having a choice to select and discern that which you will partake in.

Another example would be if we gave you only three colors to create with versus thousands of options. From your limited viewpoint if you only saw the three colors you would get bored, frustrated and feel restricted with them until you began to make new colors from them.

However from the perspective of having unlimited colors to choose from gives you the feeling of freedom to pick and choose the colors that most excite you.

Therefore, there are a whole range of colors for everyone to use based on their focus and frequency that they are attracting on a soul level and a physical level. You would not judge someone who chooses different colors than you because you have access to the colors that you love and wish to experience.

So with everything that each of you chooses to experience is like the different colors that you are drawn to. All the different colors come from one light source and then differentiates into different frequencies or different colors for you to experience the multitudes of different aspects and perspectives that source is.

Once you free yourselves from judgment of yourself and from others and rely back to your inner self, your soul and your source, your experience of reality will shift where it will seem magical all the time.

What is actually occurring is you will have accessed a broader perspective where you can have a better or clearer viewpoint to see all the possibilities and the best one that you wish to experience.

We are happy to communicate with you and through you to all that wish to receive our communication.


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Much love,

Leah Levkowitz Empowering Transformational Breakthroughs to Brilliance

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