Does this sound like you?
  • Are you Expressing your Potential or are you Holding Back all you have to Offer and Receive in your life?
  • Are you tired of what you’re doing and desire to make a greater Transformational Impact in the world?
  • Do you want to Stop Hiding and Step Out of the Shadow of Others?
  • Do you wish you had a way to do something Meaningful, Authentically You, that also allows you to live a Prosperous Life?
  • Do you want to develop your Intuitive Abilities to have Direct Communication with your Spirit Guides, Soul and God to give you guidance to accelerate your own growth and success as well as others?
  • Are you ready to Discover and transform your Limitations to find your power in order to Fulfill your Purpose while Transforming Lives?

If this describes you you’re in the right place:

IMAGINE having a Thriving Prosperous Business Transforming Lives with your Ideal Clients you Love no matter where you or they are in the world.

Soul Empowerment Healing Certified Practitioner Program
There are numerous healing modalities, many that I have learned and practiced, to help us overcome life’s challenges, achieve our goals and fulfill our potential.

I searched for years doing many different things to be fulfilled expressing my abilities prosperously. It wasn’t until I was 50 that I finally reached out and cried to God asking to have a direct connection and communication with him to be guided to fulfill my soul’s purpose.

From that transformational day in my life everything changed.

The universe brought in teachers and guidance to show me how to channel and communicate with God, my spirit guides and spirit teachers to receive all the answers and guidance that I needed and desired, as well as, to help me to clear all of my self-imposed limiting beliefs and step into my true power of my soul.

Part of that guidance was learning the business and marketing strategies aligned with being a spirit driven entrepreneur to be successful. I now am doing exactly what I’m here to do and clear on my purpose. I have moved so far beyond where I was and what I thought I was supposed to be doing.

I’m now making more money than I thought possible doing what I’m passionate about, helping people transform their lives, experiencing great peace of mind and healthier than I’ve ever been.

I went through all of this in the way I did to empower and guide you.

No matter where you are now in your life if you want to be divinely guided and supported to accelerate your own growth and others to make a huge impact in the world then I hope you’ll join me.

Your ability to help people hone into and release the obstacle that needs clearing is a great gift that you give.”
Dorianna Peterson, Founder of

I was amazed how Leah helped me open my awareness. I was able to see how my beliefs were creating emotional and physical pain in my body and being able to clear it. Then something totally unexpected, intense and deeply moving occured as I was able to feel my connection with God. It was an awesome experience. Thank you Leah.
Laura Gatti, Canada

In this 6 month Certified Training Program I will give you step-by-step guidance and support to:

  • Receive direct communication and direction from your Soul, Spirit Guides and God to assist you and your clients to achieve success.
  • Utilize the Soul Empowerment Healing 5-step method for yourself and others to clear unconscious blocks and Empower one’s Soul to Divinely Guided Success.
  • Design and build your Divinely Guided, “Uniquely You” business and Signature System so that it attracts your ideal clients you love that value your services and are ready to pay for them.
  • Build confidence to step into your power, plus intuitive guidance with 9 private one-on-one phone sessions with me to Breakthrough, clear and shift beliefs standing in your way of your success.

The Program includes:

  • Open and deepen all of your psychic and intuitive abilities
  • Connect to your own spiritual guides to assist you in manifesting your purpose
  • Help others by learning how to read them and give them guidance
  • Receive clear guidance for yourself
  • Gain clarity on your life purpose and steps to implement it
  • Past life healing to help you clear current issues
  • Learn how to be a conscious voice channel to bring through higher wisdom and guidance
  • Discover attachments you have that are holding you back
  • and much, much more

  • Discover what your boundaries are that are holding you back and keeping you stuck from receiving more abundance and making a greater impact, no matter what you do or how hard you try
  • Learn the secret to transform any situation from chaos to success
  • Breakthrough and Empower Unlimited Abundance
  • Exercises, processes, handouts and a binder to assist you on your journey
  • Steps to take in your new paradigm to support your purpose moving forward.

Learn How to Break Through the Barriers that Limit You and Keep You Stuck. Eliminate the Struggle, Self-Sabotage & Financial Limitation so You’re Clear on Your Purpose, Divinely Guided and Prosperous Doing What You Love To Do.

In the 4-Day Intensive you will Learn and Utilize Soul Empowerment Healing 5-step method for yourself and others to clear unconscious blocks and Empower one’s Soul to Divinely Guided Success. We will go into depth covering Relationships, Abundance, Self-Confidence, Health and Well-Being, Spiritual Growth and Life Purpose.

There are many forms of healing. What makes Soul Empowerment Healing (SEH) unique and powerful is that it incorporates the four levels of awareness; body, mind, emotions and soul, to heal on all levels.

It uses your intuition to access the wisdom not available consciously in the mind.

SEH is designed to discover understanding behind the limiting beliefs learned from one’s personality, to eliminate the conflict and support empowered growth from the Soul. It will accelerate the global transformation that humanity is going through at this time.

Plus 6 Monthly Business Coaching Calls to Accelerate Your Impact and Income!

  • How to offer SEH in your own Unique Service and Name to Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • How to use Discovery Sessions to Enroll Clients
  • Create your Free Gift to Build your list
  • How to use a blog and newsletter so your community gets to know, like and trust you
  • Create a Strategic Signature Talk to enroll your Ideal Clients
  • How to use Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances to Expand your Reach

Enroll by June 6th and Receive:

  • The Awakening To Your Inner Power Online Program to get started Developing your Intuition and Connection to your Guides Immediately
  • Divine Niche Breakthrough to Brilliance Online Program to get a Head Start Creating your Unique Service and Brand
  • Early Registration 10% Discount

If you are excited to learn more about this Divinely Guided Opportunity to do work that you Love and Prosper from and see if this is right for you, Schedule a time so we can talk. Click here to set up a time that works for you: Schedule a Complimentary Call

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Discover Your Intuitive Success copy
In this FREE online seminar you will learn:

  • The 4 main Intuitive Pathways and which one is the Key for you to Open the Door to Your Intuition and How it relates to your Life Purpose
  • Why if you are doing Spiritual Work you Struggle to Fulfill Your Purpose
  • 5 Step System to Emotional and Financial Freedom and Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential in this Lifetime
  • How You Can Become a Spiritual Channel for Accelerated Healing and Growth
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