How To Make Choices Aligned with Your Soul

Making choices aligned with your soul

Channeled Message from Malkezedek
through Leah Levkowitz

This is Malkezedek

We will discuss how to make clear choices that are aligned with your soul’s wants and desires and not that of your ego or desires coming from learned beliefs and desires of others.

First hold an intention that your choices be aligned for your greatest potential and the good of all.

Then get into a clear space. Get very present and grounded. Let go of everything else you are doing, breathe deeply, exhale and release. Invite your soul to be completely present with you, open yourself and allow yourself to receive. Know that your soul is present with you.

You may feel a sense of peace or a physical sensation as you open to your soul.

Then think of making one of your choices asking if this is in my soul’s highest benefit. Feel it. Let go of the mind. How does it feel making this decision? Do any emotions begin to surface? Is it fear, anxiety, etc.

If these emotions or thoughts come up into your energy and then just disappear then they were coming from your mind or limiting beliefs.

If however you feel a constriction or uncomfortable feeling or sense that doesn’t disappear or you see or feel why this choice isn’t the best one then you know which choice to make.

You truly have to surrender though and be willing to follow the guidance of your soul or spirit guides.

The next step is to take an action. It can be a small action again with desiring to flow with what your soul desires to fulfill it’s potential.

Then release it to the universe to manifest. When you make a choice aligned with your soul’s potential, things will flow unless your ego or personality’s beliefs and desires are opposing what your soul wants for you. Then you will draw to you resistance, as whatever you desire, conscious or unconscious, will reflect in your experience.

Now sometimes when you make a choice that is aligned with your soul, whatever is in resistance from your ego will surface so you can let them go.

By holding true to your intention to follow your soul will help you to release and let go of old patterns of resistance. So how do you know the difference then?

When you hold your intention of fulfilling your soul’s potential you will know as this is what you feel compelled to do regardless of overcoming your self imposed limitations. If you are honest with yourself you will know the difference.

Sometimes there are more than one option or way that you can achieve your potential because you are interdependent on other people, so if others aren’t ready when you are then you may need to make different choices or take another road.

When you are connected to your guides then you can ask their perspective on the various choices and which one best serves your potential. The key is to truly surrender to the answer when you ask.

Sometimes you might hold a meeting or a class and only one or two people show up and you may feel like you made the wrong choice.

However this may have occurred due to your own beliefs, need for practice to build confidence or a special connection with these individuals that is important to make that might not have been made if more people attended.

Learning how to listen to your soul is a process of opening your awareness and your creative power.

Nothing is set in stone. You can always change your choices; of course you are responsible for the choices you make. Know that if you are making a choice based on fear then it is not coming from following your soul.

Trust that whatever happens will all work out in the end, in this life or another. It has taken you lifetimes already to fulfill your soul’s potential. You are the one who has made the choice to fulfill your soul’s potential here in the physical world, so make the most of it. Appreciate this opportunity that you have to experience your physical world. As you do you will receive more of what you appreciate.

Blessings and peace,

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