What is the Difference Between Our Soul and Our Guide?

Channeled Message from Malkezedek
through Leah Levkowitz

What is the difference between our soul and a guide? How do we discern between them or is it necessary?

Your soul chooses the experiences that it would like to experience before coming here. When you are born, a part of your soul comes into your body as your personality, like a computer has an operating program of what it can do. Your personality learns and explores the uses of the computer and what it can do and has certain desires as to how to use it to create and manifest. Then others come in and influence you based on their desires.

When you are following your soul your computer operates and works with you to create and manifest. When you don’t understand how to do something, a teacher can come in to show you how to use your computer in a new way that your soul may not have experienced before. You then experience this guidance through your personality.

Let’s say you are given new information that your computer now doesn’t have the space or capacity to allow it to manifest because of all the other filters or projects that is taking up memory or blocking you from being able to perform at your peak. So in order for you to follow this new teaching and guidance you have to clear out files and programs that aren’t necessary anymore to your growth in order to allow for the new programs and have enough memory to allow the new downloads to come in.

You can imagine that guides and other information comes from cyberspace that you download into your soul that is filtered, based on your desires, to your computer for you to operate with. How you use this information with your computer is either being operated by your soul’s guidance or from your ego.

You could say that how you experience your life and the decisions you make are either coming from your soul or your personality, which is colored by your ego.

Your soul gains different experiences from your personality by just observing. Have you ever seen where someone can tap into your computer from a distance and watch what is being done on your computer? If you are making a huge mistake, your soul can step in and freeze your computer to block you from making a detrimental mistake to your life path. If it is for growth or learning your soul may allow you to make the mistake in order for you to learn how to fix it and learn from it.

Once you are aligned with your soul’s wants and desires you will just know what your soul wishes to do with your computer. Then other teachers or guides may come in to join with you to work together to manifest things with your computer. You can decide what teachers you learn from depending on what you wish to create in your reality.

For example, because you wish to understand these things and have a certain mission in life, based on those desires, determines which guide comes to work with you. Now you have desires of your personality and desires of your soul. You need to choose what direction you want to go in and this will determine the guidance that comes to you. This is a simple analogy and overview that I hope helps you have a better understanding.

Peace and Joy on your Journey.

Copyright 2013 Leah Levkowitz. All rights reserved.

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