Solution to End War

Channeled Message from Adonai


Killing, destroying or removing the enemy has been the solution to end conflict since the dawn of time.  The reason you can’t find another solution is because you are looking at one another as opposition rather than looking from the point of view of what the other desires, what they need and finding a solution that provides what both sides truly want.  Recognize what is in the best interests to all parties, a win win solution rather than a win lose solution which never will work.  Instead of looking at what am I loosing, how can we give what the other desires without loss.  Until you do this, war will continue.

Begin to look at conflict as a way to heal.  Global conflict is no different than conflict you face within yourself.  In order to find a win win solution we must look at what are the unconscious fears.  The basic fear is the fear of unknown and loss of control.  The next fear is fear of lack of security.

If you look at history and the relationship between Arab nations and Israel, it is basic sibling rivalry.  One brother rejected as less than the other so they have an unconscious collective need to prove and defend themselves. They have always felt less than and so they have the need to overcompensate.  They want to be recognized and acknowledged.  In truth this is what everyone wants.

So the first step in solving conflict is to listen to your perceived opponent.  Once you truly look at what they want, the next step is to look at how they are reflecting your own actions.  So looking at countries, look within your own behaviors within your own country.  This can change your circumstances if those of you who are conscious can do your own inner conscious work.

Are you already condemning the other side?  Are you judging them?  Let me ask you how you feel when you are judged by others?  You will immediately feel like defending yourself.  If you are put in a corner you will strike out to protect yourself.  Right?  So that won’t solve anything.  Go deeper than what’s on the surface.  Material or physical fulfillment will never satisfy anyone permanently and that’s why you continue to have conflicts.

Instead if someone asked you, how can I help you achieve what you desire and at the same time work in a way that benefits me too?  Wouldn’t you feel like cooperating if the other person was sincere?

The other issue is a lack of trust because of past actions.   The people may be angry, but they are more afraid of war.  They have seen the life in other nations as a result of war.  They support it because they see no other solution to end their suffering.  Change is occurring.

You must hold faith and love for all mankind as your brothers and sisters, as they are all a part of you.  Do not underestimate the power of your consciousness.  There are enough of you who are truly changing your consciousness that by sending out that energy of love and support is what is causing change in the world.  Continue to do this consciously if you can’t physically speak to each other. Use the power of the Internet to bring unity.  Connect with the power and love of the creator to support you in love and peace.

You are creating your reality.  Remember this.  This is the time for lightworkers to stand strong to bring the change.  Shine the light brightly so fear will fall away.

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