How to Have True Security

Channeled Message from Adonai

Hello and welcome.  This is Adonai.  Thank you for listening to my words.  

You have all been incarnated many times. You chose to come in this incarnation at this time to be part of this great shift.  If you are reading this then no doubt you came here to help bring this transformation as your soul is bringing you together to unite to help one another and support one another in creating this change.

Your desire that comes from your soul is what is bringing you to meet people to help you and for you to help others.  

Please look to this change not as a rejection of what was, but as an elevation of your perspective of what was.  

Your holding on to the past is like you holding onto your blanket as a child that was your security.  

Once you finally give it up you will discover that you are still safe and new things will come to take the place of what you held dear and provided your security.  You will see that it wasn’t the blanket that kept you safe, but it is your belief in your connection to God that keeps you safe.  

Nothing in the physical realm can provide you safety without me.  I am your safety.  What does this mean?  

The physical world is transitory, but your connection to me is eternal and yet you have turned your backs on that which will provide you the utmost security, and that is your direct connection to me.  

Instead you have put your security in physical things and that is why you as humanity are experiencing the loss of physical security.  

It is to find your way back to what is true.  Find your true faith in me and you will always have security.  

This is the biggest lesson that is occurring at this time.  Desire a connection to me in your heart and soul and I will be there for you.

Allow me in truly and know that you are deserving no matter what you have done.  

I love you unconditionally.  When you let me in to love you unconditionally you will open your hearts to love everyone else.  

Be the examples for the rest of the world.  Be my light bearers to shine my love to the world.

Thank you

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