Redirect Your Focus to Receive What You Desire

Message from Spirit
(This message was given to me but is applicable to everyone)

It is so funny to us how many times you ask and it is not just you but all of you. We understand that you are expecting the things you desire to manifest however in your desire for these things you tend to push it out in front of you like the dangling carrot in front of you so that it never comes.

Instead what we would like you to do is to imagine how it feels once you have received what you desire. Does it feel inspirational? Does it feel like everything is flowing to you? Does it feel like you are secure and you can just let go of all the worry?

Ask yourself, “What can I do with it now that I have what I desired?”

Whether it’s money, a soulmate, wellbeing, imagine:

“How excited I feel, so blessed and so loved.

Life is so exhilarating and fun to see how everything falls into place to fulfill all my needs and desires.

I’m so lucky to be a conscious part of God’s divine plan and watch as all the pieces are coming together.

I can let go and just enjoy watching how my thoughts and energy just attract all that I desire in a way that is meaningful and helps me to become clearer and have a sense of joy and wonder with the magical unfoldment.”

We want you to live into your dreams. At the same time appreciate where you are in the present moment. All that you are in this moment is necessary for the next step and the next to occur to you.

You can only take the next step from where you currently are. So your power lies in this present moment. Only take a step from a place that you truly love to be as your next step continues from where you are or the path that you are currently on.

So if you are frustrated or impatient then your next step will take you down a path of frustration, disappointment and impatience.

If you are in the feeling of appreciation, joy and love and from there you take a step then you will continue toward the path for more joy and appreciation.

So let’s appreciate where you are now.

“I appreciate the security that I have and all the blessings in my life. I so appreciate the opportunity to make choices that I desire.

I love that I have the guidance of spirit and the universal forces giving me feedback along the way. I am so fortunate that everything I do works out for me perfectly as I am creating them in the moment so that I can see my power and become a truly powerful conscious co-creator. I am so grateful for having spirit always by my side and to know I am never alone. I am so grateful for all the signs I receive that everything I desire is unfolding perfectly with grace and ease as I am ready to take my next step. It feels so wonderful to just let go and enjoy the journey.

Money just flows to me in unexpected ways and ways I expect as well. It is so much fun to just let go because I have so much money that I don’t have to think about money. It is truly fun to be free to go and do whatever I please to do. It is so much fun to travel whenever I chose to and to wherever I chose to travel.

I so love to decorate and design my home with precious things that are beautiful to look at.

I am so inspired to share the messages I receive from spirit as in doing so I expand and receive more to share. I so look forward to sharing what I receive with others. It feels so wonderful and expansive and gives me such great joy to do so.”

Thank you spirit for this empowering message.

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Much love,


Leah Levkowitz Empowering Transformational Breakthroughs to Brilliance

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