How to Receive What You Truly Desire

Channeled Message from God
through Leah Levkowitz

I want to bring to you today a topic very much overlooked and forgotten and that is, receiving.  It is the meaning of the word and knowledge known as Kabbalah.  You have learned and come to believe that you are separate from me and one another. Even though you have an intellectual belief that everything is one you still have yet to know this oneness with everything. This is your greatest obstacle to receiving all that you desire.  

You see you are already one with what you desire.

It is this disbelief that blocks you from allowing it to manifest in your life.  Truth be told it is already in your life you just don’t see it.  Just as I am in your life.  You look outside of yourselves for answers and everything you want.  The secret is that it lies within you.  You need not look outside of yourselves.  All you need to do is to open up the door or the blinders to see the truth, the love, the opportunities, the solutions, the prosperity.  It all lies right within you.  

It is you that has blocked yourselves from receiving all that you choose and all that you deserve.  Your universe is here to serve you. You need not be perfect in order to deserve what you want.  You are already perfect.  If you don’t like what you have in your life, realize that it is what you have desired.  It might not look that way, but on some level it is.  It is time to wake up to the truth.  Take responsibility for all that you have created in your life.  Anyone who says otherwise is blind to the truth.  Once you open your eyes and your wisdom, you will begin to see the synchronicities in your
life.  You are always getting what you desire on some level.  Most of the time it is unconscious.  

Everything in the universe is energy.  Energy only changes its frequency.  Depending on the frequency you are vibrating at will attract to you harmonious frequencies.  So why does your life seem so disharmonious much of the time.  It is because you are vibrating at a frequency that is incongruous to your soul.  You then draw in similar vibrations to reflect back to you what you are putting out so you can see it.  It isn’t wrong or right.  It is just disharmonious to your soul’s vibration.  

Really look at the world around you and how you are connected to everything.  Then look within and know what you believe and think and feel are your creations and you can change them.  Once you change your vibration your life will change.  Allow yourselves to receive all that you already have.  Just let it in.  Most of you ask and desire for something and then you immediately block it from manifesting by looking at what the obstacles are why it can’t come to you.  This simply is the
law of attraction.  The secret lies with you allowing and letting go and letting the universe put all the pieces together. Remember what you have is what you are resonating with.  So if you want to change it ask why am I wanting something that I don’t truly want.  By taking responsibility and asking you will receive the answers in some way.  By loving and accepting yourself you draw to you what resonates with that truth.  

Know that I am within you and you need not go anywhere to find me.  I am you.  The reason you don’t feel that is because of your vibration being at a lower density than mine.  As you raise your vibration you will vibrate with more clarity and the greater your capacity to embrace more of my light or energy.  It is because you are in a physical vessel that creates this experience.  The more you become less attached to your physical realm the more you will become aware of the spiritual realm. It doesn’t mean that you will not experience the physical anymore; it will just be that you are not attached to anything so that you can move more freely within the physical realm.

I will leave you for today with what I have said for you to ponder and explore.  Just know I am always with and within you.

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