Quantum Physics-Merging Science and Spirituality

Quantum Physics

Channeled Message from Metatron
by Leah Levkowitz

This is Metatron.

Let’s speak of quantum physics today.  This is a very interesting subject.  In the past science has looked at reasoning and deducting as a means of exploring the nature of our existence that has opened up new realms of thought and belief.  The new beliefs open up new doors of possibility.  

As science and spirituality comes together, and science opens up to the possibility that unlocking our belief systems to the realm of new thought and that thought itself is directing how and what you are learning and discovering, you will open up the door to new discoveries beyond your imagination.  

You are understanding that your thoughts are affecting matter.  That will bring change through understanding that you are indeed co-creating your experience of all physicality on earth and in the universe for that fact.  

As you have opened up your rigidness and opened the possibility to go outside the box you have revealed more of the universe around you.  

As you become more and more aware of how your individual and collective thoughts, beliefs and desires are creating and changing your experience through this realization you will start to use your imagination to create a world where all possibility lies and actually start manifesting what you truly desire, which is peace, love, harmony and joy.  

This will come by the collective thought shifting and taking responsibility for its experience and creating it.  This experience will then bring you to the realization of how all is one and how each one affects the whole.  

So when one says what can I do to change the world, all one needs to do is change yourself to change the whole world. As this is a great and no small achievement in itself, this is where everyone should start.  

What change are we speaking about?  Knowing that each cell in your body is connected to the whole entire universe.

By being aware of what is going on in your own body, your own life and how it is connected, how your thoughts and feelings are effecting it and how you are interconnected to the collective consciousness and take ownership of your part in what you are experiencing and deciding what you do want to experience and how it affects the whole is the change and evolution of the collective and is what simply put quantum physics is trying to prove.  

Whatever scientists can imagine, perceive, question about, if they will open to spirit they will receive solutions, answers and truth about everything.  They are very close to finding the truth of what you are made of.  Which is nothing physical.  This truth is that you are no-thing, thought, energy and the denser the energy becomes the more it physicalizes into form.

Is there any difference between each cell and organ in the body and you on the earth within the whole universe?  Understanding how every cell and body part works together within the body or not and how you affect it will give you all the answers to healing the entire universe.  

We hope that this type of exploration will take place, as this is the direction that will take you forward on the fastest journey.  

Good luck and enjoy.  We are with you to support you and help you.

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