Difference Between a Psychic, a Medium and a Channel

Difference between a psychic, a medium and a channel.

Channeled Message from Jahamal

This is Jahamal.  I am an entity that lives in the future 500 years from your earth time.  I have come in to clarify the differences between a psychic, a medium, a conscious channel and a trance channel.  

Once you open your intuitive abilities you can receive communication from different realms, the etheric realm, the astral realm and higher.  You can also receive information that is stored vibrationally in your energy field or aura, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aura.  You can pick up information from thoughts of others, which is referred to telepathy and the collective consciousness.  Being able to receive information in this way is using your psychic ability.  When you put out a thought it goes out into space like your radio or cell phone transmissions. They actually become a physical vibration that anyone can pick up on.  So the psychic would pick up this information when they tune in by setting an intention to read or pick up on something.

Now this energy is something that can be tuned into and interpreted through your inner seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.  Sometimes, once your intuition is open you unconsciously pick up on these transmissions without you consciously knowing and so you would experience unexplained phenomena or emotions or mental stress or activity.  You see, all your emotions and thoughts go out into the ethers.  They are like recordings.  What psychics or others interpret as ghosts or hauntings is when something happens usually with a lot of emotion, this energy more apparent and continues to replay itself until this energy is cleared.  This is why you are able to feel when people have had a fight before you arrived.  You have this phrase to exemplify this, “you can cut the air with a knife,” right.

So now a medium is typically referred to as someone who has chosen to be “the medium” between the living and souls who have passed on in order to give closure and peace that the end isn’t the end after all.  That you continue to exist after leaving this world and in fact really haven’t gone anywhere after all.  The medium communicates by the inner seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing to pass on the communication by receiving images, hearing messages, feeling sensations or knowing something received from the spirits to convey to the living.  They are interpreting or passing on the information.

A channel is someone who directly allows the spirit to merge into their aura and with the permission of the channel and stepping out of the way by becoming the receiver or the listener allows the other spirit to communicate directly to others.  Now generally people who are channels are here to teach and enlighten and raise the consciousness of this world.  They can also channel the deceased loved ones as well, but because spirit can directly speak for themselves they can bring forth messages for healing and guidance.  

Someone who trance channels actually allows their consciousness to go out of their body and to completely let a spirit take over their body.  This once was believed to be the most clear and impactful way of communicating, however as the world is now raising in vibration and the veil between the physical and non-physical becomes increasing thinner, it is not necessary for the channel to go out of their body and in deed it is better for them to stay in their body as this is why they came here is to have a physical experience.  

They also can learn from the spirit while they are communicating through them on a multidimensional level as you communicate with one another on so many levels not just from speech.  As this is actually the most limiting way of communicating with one another.  

You are constantly sending telepathically thoughts back and forth and have experienced this for sure with those who are close to you, where you feel as though you are completing ones sentences and know what they are going to say. Communication flows back and forth through channels that you open up by a thought, a desire or a question.  

So someone can be a psychic and not a channel or they can be both. What means you use is determined by your desire, your intention and your purpose in life?  Everyone has the ability to communicate psychically and with spirit.  

You all will receive information in different ways, as this is what makes each of you unique just as not all of you are an artist, an athlete, a speaker or a teacher.  It all depends on what your soul chose for you to do.

Now I can go on and on, but this actually concludes the query of clarifying the differences.

I am Jahamal and thank you for allowing me to bring forth this information for you.

Good evening.

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