How Your Past Lives Hinder or Help You

Past Lives

Do you ever wonder why some people you meet, you have an instant connection with, while some you feel uncomfortable around or just rub you the wrong way?

You might even have a dislike to particular places, smells, foods or unexplained fears.

You may have experiences that you wish that you could once and for all be able to change so you can live in peace, but no matter what you try they just keep repeating themselves in your life.

We all have lived many life times in the past and the future. We only experience consciously this present lifetime. However on a soul level all our lifetimes are being experienced simultaneously. We have many possible realities we can experience and we can choose which reality we wish to step into.

The memories, thoughts and feelings are like vibration transmissions that we can step into and experience. Like when you go to watch a movie and you know the movie isn’t reality but you experience all of the emotions portrayed in the movie.

Your soul chooses experiences for its evolution and growth. Some of the experiences in the human experience are difficult and your personality may not choose to follow the chosen path of its soul. Any unresolved emotions and experiences will then be chosen to be experienced again in a different way so hopefully the personality can learn the lessons it desires to learn. Some of the lessons are lesson that belong to a generation, or family or society of souls.

The thoughts that you have in this lifetime will connect you to these past vibrations and trigger emotions or experiences. By resolving the issues in this life you will be able to resolve the past as well and change your future experiences.

Connecting to these past life energetic recordings enables you to learn what you are here to learn in this lifetime. The understanding allows you to shift your experience. One of the sessions in The Awakening to Your Inner Power Live Event Spirit will guide you to past lives to help you find clarity and resolve something that is a current problem for you in your life.

Once you have a relationship with your guides and learn what’s possible, you will be able to consciously make a huge difference in your life and all of mankind. Your guides are here for you and know how to guide you for your greatest potential.

The people who come in and out of our lives are not strangers. Most everyone wants to be with his or her soul mate, thinking that this will bring them the best life, however this is not necessarily so. The purpose of your life is to evolve and sometimes it is through struggle, sacrifice, control or power. You may find yourself married to a soul mate that abuses you in order for you to learn to love yourself enough to leave. These lessons may be difficult to understand without connecting to a higher perspective to give you understanding.

The only way to truly evolve out of the dualistic reality that you are in is by connecting to your soul, guides and to source, your creator for your truth. Then you can truly experience your world in the greatest way in peace and harmony.

No matter what choices you make or what you do, you are on your path to full consciousness. We your guides are here to help you achieve this. Leah is here to help you as a channel for us to help you take back your power to consciously create your reality. We look forward to that day.

Until then, we are guiding physical souls to help you. The time is near. The more of you with a conscious awareness of your creative process and how you can co-create your reality, will bring an experience of peace rather than chaos to reach your final return home with source. Listen to your heart where your soul speaks through. We encourage you to find a way to The Awakening to Your Inner Power Live Event or individually have Leah guide and empower your gifts and abilities. There is a reason that you have crossed paths to support each other in some way.

Many of you have issues with abundance, deservability, and receiving. These are also issues of a collective consciousness that will be addressed on the 3rd day of the workshop. We have guided Leah in putting this workshop together to help you so you may be free to choose and manifest what you desire from your soul and then help others. Whether you have a connection to you intuition and your guides already or not, you will go to the next level of your evolution. We hope you will be there. We await you with joy and celebration. This is Malkezedek, your humble servant.

Thank you Malkezedek for coming in as you do with all your love, guidance and support.

I hope you will join us for this powerful transformational event.

If you bring a friend and share, you save more than 25%. If you feel you are to come then register now. I look forward to sharing this with you.

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If you can’t attend a live event, I recommend The Awakening to Your Inner Power on-line Program or working with me one-on-one with my Breakthrough to Brilliance 90-Day Accelerated Program to Divinely Guided Success.

Just know that you are not alone and have guidance always with you. Ask for their help and be open to receiving the guidance in some way. Your guides will never give up on helping you.

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