Message from Jesus

My message to the world is, Do Not Judge. Do Not Judge your Brethren. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist you are all loved greatly.

Your only true mission is to love yourself, as to love yourself you are truly loving your creator.

Honor yourself and all that you were given to share with others.

This does not mean money although it may. This does not mean sacrifice although it may.

As you learn love and acceptance of yourself you will then be able to offer it to others.

The journey to love yourself may be in finding forgiveness for others in order to learn how to forgive yourself.

The distractions in your modern world are great. Don’t get lost in seeking approval and forget the true gift of giving love.

To deny yourself of receiving God’s love is to deny true happiness.

How do you receive God’s love and acceptance? It is to open your hearts and know that you are deserving of God’s love. No matter who you are you are deserving. You must allow it in. Let go of the barriers and walls you have created with your false perceptions created by religion, society, your marketing, what you believe about right and wrong, who you are supposed to be, what is good and bad, “naughty or nice,” etc.

You have created so much self-imposed judgment that it is impossible to receive the eternal love you deserve.

You are living a physical life to learn to be like God, however you are not. If you want the truest experience of being the creator, surrender to God’s love and allow God to work through you as a messenger in whatever way God has chosen for you. You may not understand while you are going through some challenge in your life, but if you trust that there is meaning and open yourself to see the purpose and the light, you will see.

Your pain comes from not seeing that you are part of a greater picture, a piece in the whole picture. You are part of a cosmic plan. Each one of you, each experience is connected to each other. Your thoughts are all interconnected. What you focus on expands. When you focus on love, this will shine a light on all the darkness in the world, as this is where the love is lacking and needs your love. The greatest gift you can offer is to open youself to receive God’s love and share that love that you receive to the world. Share in the sense that the world receives the wisdom to understand what true love is.

Love is unconditional acceptance of what is. When someone hates, is selfish, seems to be evil, they are giving you an opportunity to forgive, have compassion, see their pain and shine your light.

My final message to you at this time is to forgive yourself for what you perceive as failing God. You do not fail God. Ask to see through the eyes of God, your creator.
Do not condemn others for their path, as if you do then you do not see through the eyes of the Lord. When you see through the eyes of God you will see the truth.

I see the light and love in each and every one of you no matter where you are on your journey. You are loved and do not die when you leave this world. Hell was created by your beliefs. The only hell is in your mind. It drives you to seek heaven. Choose to experience heaven on earth. This is the greatest accomplishment.

As you transition from your physical life to your eternal one you learn what you missed during your physical experience. There is so much more. This is all that I will share at this time.

Give your gifts and enjoy with allowing the love of God to shine through you. I am with you as a sign of God’s love.

Peace be with you.


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