Getting off the Merry-Go-Round

Channeled Message from Metatron
by Leah Levkowitz

This is Metatron.

We are on the brink of a whole new world.  The new connection to spirit by many will create rapid change. This direct connection to spirit and the non-physical realm and to the intuitive abilities that you have, that have for so long been dormant, by awakening them will create monumental change that has been unsurpassed.  

You have likened your world to a merry-go-round always going round and round never really going anywhere, just repeating the same things over and over.  Now you will awaken to this realization that the only way to get off the merry-go-round is to realize that you are on this system and to choose to get off.  

Once you make this choice you will be free to decide your direction and where you will go from here.  This choice can seem frightening to most of you as sitting on the merry-go-round, though repetitive and relentless, has a sense of safety knowing where you are going.  

Making this step to get off the merry-go-round you will no longer have that crutch and will be facing uncharted waters and this is why you will need the direct guidance of your guides to make this shift to where we are taking you.  

You see in the beginning when soul’s desired to be like the creator you left out an important aspect of your desire and that is to be free of fear, free of manipulation, free of control.

In order to be like the creator you thought you would have these abilities and as time went on, the main purpose of existing was forgotten.  

In the spirit realm, we do serve or share and that is our existence. However in that existence we are one, we are so joyful.  

Once coming down to the physical existence however, you have chosen to experience a different experience of human emotion, exploring the manifestation of thought.  

Now you will have two options; to awaken to this new way of being and live in joy and love or not and live in pain and suffering.  It really is your choice.

However to live in joy and love you will have to let go of all your old beliefs that stem from a fear based consciousness.  Now I’m not saying that at this time there aren’t things that have been created collectively to fear from.  What I am saying is that if you choose this new way of living you will always be protected.  You will always be in the right place at the right time so to speak.  Even with atmospheric problems there will be solutions and it will be up to you to seek these out.  

So you might ask how does the creator sit back and watch the soul’s go through this pain and suffering and why do you as souls choose to go through this suffering?  

The answer is, this is how you are growing and evolving.  It’s like a child who is learning how to ice skate and keeps falling over and over again.  As a parent you want to take him out of the rink to protect him, but he wants to continue because he knows that eventually he will get it right and the beauty and freedom will be so beautiful that he continues through it.  

Imagine going out and trying to achieve what has never been done before or either conceived of?  It would be like a blind person walking around where he never was and trying to find his way.  It would require him to use his other abilities like hearing, feeling, sensing and needing others.  He could choose to go to fear or become dependent of others or he could look to others as a means of enjoying his world, to adding a new dimension and sharing his perspective of his experience as did Helen Keller or Stevie Wonder, who were good examples, who learned to use what was given to them to share their gifts of what they’ve learned.  

The truth of the matter is, it is your beliefs that determine what you receive and what you choose to create.  We are at the forefront of breaking down old beliefs that have kept you on this merry-go-round.  

Make the conscious choice that this new frontier will be joyful and filled with love, trust, safety support and we promise to give you this experience.  

There will be people around you not wanting to get off the merry-go-round and they will be screaming and kicking,  “I want to get off”, but so afraid to let go.  

All you can do is be an example.  Imagine the experience like watching a child having a temper tantrum.  All you can do is let him get it out cause there is nothing you can do to stop it. But you know when he’s done he’ll be ok.  There are times that you want to engage him but usually it’s when he is causing some stress or embarrassment to you out in public.  Just know that by engaging in his experience will take you out of your space of oneness and into his drama feeding it instead of staying in your space will diminish it’s importance and then allow him to experience where you are at and receive love.  By not responding, he will realize that this form of communicating isn’t getting him anywhere and will find a new way of communicating.  

It is only through responding to behaviors that propel it.  So by holding your space and looking for solutions rather than to respond to what is already in existence will generate the fastest way to a new existence of unconditional love in this world, one of experiencing love and joy and inner peace.  

Does this mean that you will never be sad or angry? No.  You will still experience all of your emotions, but they will be short lived and a means of directing you to a new direction, as in an opening or closing of a part of your life to bring you to something new.  As when someone dies, you will know that they are not really dead that they exist in the non-physical realm, however you will still experience the loss of the physical connection. Understanding that there is purpose in that closed door to bring something new which will diminish the sadness knowing that something will fill that space.  

You will still have free choice but you will have the understanding and connection to your guides to direct and support you through life.  This is a glimpse of what to look forward to in the new way of living.

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