Creating and Manifesting Wealth

Spirit-View Guidance
through Leah Levkowitz

This is Metatron.

How can I manifest wealth in my life?

This is a question that many people are asking and many who are teaching and yet people are still finding that even when they follow what they learn they don’t manifest what they are intending or desire.  

So first how do I create and manifest what I desire?  There are a few things to look at that go into creating and manifesting what you desire.  First decide what it is that you would like to manifest.  It’s not enough to just have an object as it isn’t the object that you desire truly, but the experience of achieving it and what you will receive from it.  So you want to create an experience that you desire like joy or love in the accomplishment of something.  

For instance say your goal is to make 200,000 a year, but you are so tired, lonely and stressed all the time you don’t enjoy it once you have it.  So it isn’t the amount of money that you want but what that money represents for you.  Ok so you say that you want to make that money so you can be healthy, joyful, harmonious, have time to spend with your family and enjoy yourself with making the money.  Great.  

So some of you have already gotten this far and still it doesn’t happen.  The reason is that there are unconscious beliefs that you have learned that say you want something else and these beliefs have been with you your whole life so they are much stronger than your new desire. These can beliefs like “I don’t believe that I’m good enough to make a lot of money”, “I already work so hard now, do I really want to work this hard?”, there’s not enough opportunities out there, there is so much competition or the economy is in a recession now”.  There are so many beliefs that either are programmed inside our brain or bombarded to us every day.  Our beliefs actually create our experience for us.  

So what you need to do is to look at reality of what you are experiencing versus what you would like to be happening.  Look deep and ask yourself what you must believe in order to be manifesting what you currently have in your life.  Until you do you will continue to create what you have.  Once you discover the belief that is blocking you or limiting you then ask yourself where did I learn this belief.  Ask your spirit guides or God to help you get to the root experience where you learned it.  Once you do allow yourself to go into the experience and release any emotions that are attached to it.  Accept yourself for having this belief.  Then decide how you would like to believe about the given situation and about yourself and others involved. Realize how that belief has created all your life experiences till today. Take responsibility.  Only then can you change it.  

Once you’ve let go of the learned limiting beliefs then you can create new ones that serve who you truly are.  If you still don’t achieve your goals then there are other beliefs that are preventing it from happening.  If you get stuck Leah can help you.

Doing vision boards are great.  Create what you desire using visualization and thought energy and let it go and know you will receive what is in your highest good.  Then give it to God and know whatever comes is bringing you what you desire.  You may need to remove a few stones along the way, but keep going.  Money is energy just like everything else in this world.  You can either create a big enough vessel to contain the energy or continue to share so more can come.  

May you be blessed with peace, harmony, unity, wealth and joy on your journey.

If you need help I am able to help you in my private sessions. I couldn’t imagine being without the help of my guides anymore than being without a computer.

This is why I created The Awakening to Your Inner Power to connect you to your own guidance to help you achieve your greatest potential and impact in the world. Learn more and get started here: Click Here.

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Just know that you are not alone and have spirit guides always with you. Ask for their help and be open to receiving the guidance in some way. You were guided here as an answer to your desires. Whatever you decide your guides will never give up on helping you.


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