Guidance from God on Manifesting Money and other things.

Message from God

Isn’t it peculiar that the things you desire the most seem to evade you. It is because you are desiring them out of escaping the pain that you feel or the things that are less comfortable to you. This is why they continue to evade you. Let’s change how the manifestation of what you desire works to actually create what you wish.

So you already know that what you focus on is what you will manifest. So even though you focus on what you desire, what you don’t realize is that when you focus on something you desire you have to make sure that you aren’t emphasizing the opposite in what you desire. Otherwise you are also emphasizing that.

So for instance when you desire money you are also desiring and focusing on consistently the lack of money. If instead you focus on the appreciation of all the abundance you have and the feeling of freedom you feel in all that you have and all that it allows you to do and create, then that is what you are focusing on and emphasizing.

So how do you change your circumstances of not enough money in the bank?

Imagine what it feels like to have a continual flow and abundance in the bank that always comes easily in magical ways that continues to expand bringing more expansion to the universe in many ways. This expansion is fulfilling, bringing more creativity and joy. There truly is unlimited abundance in the world which translates to money in the bank, a beautiful home, the joy of giving and receiving.

Release the story of receiving from others and instead tap into receiving all abundance from source to manifest in beautiful and joyous ways.

I have so much appreciation for the flow of abundance that is continually expanding. The more the flow of abundance expands the more I am expressing and manifesting the creator. There truly is unlimited ways for money to manifest to me and I leave that up to the wisdom of the universe to attract the money and experiences to me that are fulfilling, fun, joy filled, enlightening and empowering.

I am expanding more and more in order to express the love of the creator through my receiving abundance. I am so filled with joy as I express more and more self-expression. I now allow money and abundance to come from source in magical ways. Money comes to me from the attraction of the light within me that others receive. Money is energy and is an exchange for that light which I am generating. As I generate the brilliant light that I am, the more light, energy and money comes to me through magical ways and through my expression.

I understand that others might not understand who I am and what I’m here to do and that is ok. I allow them to have their perspectives knowing that they are choosing their reality for their growth and for the contrast so that I can see another perspective. All perspectives are for this purpose of allowing us to find our truth and power of who we are.

It is through the process of being discontent that we seek answers which guide us to our eventual enlightenment. The world is only reflecting back to us our beliefs and perspective. I choose to take the path of least resistance. I allow God to guide me and trust I am exactly where I am meant to be right now on my journey of growth. It is truly exciting to see how all the pieces of my life are coming together and bringing more and more clarity, freedom, love and joy to me and to the world. The past is the past and I now choose a different story. I am so lucky to be alive at this time. I am so lucky to receive everything that I desire. It really isn’t luck. It is my powerful creation of all that I desire.

The universe supports my powerful choices and manifestation of money, abundance, love, joy and well-being to me always. I am so beaming with joy and love and fun that I attract to me people who are fun, lighthearted and filled with love. This is what I bring out in others and why they are attracted to me. So whether they’re clients, friends, associates, loved ones I am always surrounded and supported by people who enjoy sharing love, joy and abundance with me.

It is easy for me to express my true self as I no longer need to defend or justify my actions as my actions are always divinely guided. I get out of my way of how money will come in and focus on the beautiful source being that I am to enjoy all of creation in all of its manifestations.

Thank you for allowing us to consciously create with you.


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Much love,


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