Discover Why You Aren’t Manifesting Prosperity

Channeled Message from Rohan
through Leah Levkowitz

There are several reasons why you struggle with manifesting prosperity. First you desire to manifest something, let’s say a certain amount of money per month. You calculate what you need to do in order to make that income, but you don’t take into account your beliefs and feelings about having that amount of money, such as, “what it will take to create it”, “do I really want to work so hard”, or “everything I do never pans out”, “whatever I do isn’t good enough”, “I don’t have enough money to do what I want to do”, “to be that successful I won’t have time for a relationship”, and the list goes on.

Then you focus on your bank account and not having the money to pay for your bills, and thoughts come up like, “I wouldn’t pay that amount of money that I’m charging so why would anyone else?” “How can I charge for something that is a gift from God,” “shouldn’t what I do be free?” These are dialogues that run through all of your minds. Some you are aware of and some are buried in your unconscious minds.

When you decide to do something, you create energy behind it and it is sent out or created. It is always materialized. What you don’t see is how it is materialized. You are here to get experiences and you choose the experiences that you desire. Many of the experiences you go through were created because of what you learned from others like your parents and siblings and the collective consciousness.

So your desires are sent out and sometimes you receive them in different ways than you had anticipated. So even though you desire to receive let’s say $10,000 a month, you don’t specify how you wish to create this, how soon, do you wish to make this every month? When you create what you desire if you don’t see yourself with this creation and how it will look like then you are leaving it up to the universe. Sometimes you have received money from a car accident settlement. That wasn’t exactly how you wished to receive the money, however you did.

There are many times that you unconsciously create other circumstances, that even though you receive you also loose that what wasn’t expected and that comes from your unconscious beliefs.

Let me explain. Let’s say you’re tired of working so hard and you associate your income to only what you produce then you are creating a circumstance to create your being tired and something will occur for you to rest and as a result loose income. Do you see how it works? In most cases your unconscious beliefs are more powerful than your conscious ones as they have been with you much longer and hold more weight. It’s like the law of attraction. Energy follows flow of attention.

There is a collective consciousness of beliefs towards money that at this time is going through a transformation and this is one reason you are struggling so much. There is also a negative connotation given to money associated with doing service. This is a big conflict with your being prosperous. Money is just an energy exchange. If you can think of money in these terms and then look at how you value yourself, you will begin to see why you are not manifesting what you desire.

We are bringing in a vibration to help you create this transformation. This is why you are all feeling this struggle. It is also because those of you who are open intuitively and empathically are picking up on the collective struggle. You are desiring to have a consciousness of oneness so you are connecting to what everyone is struggling with. It is important to become aware of who you are, your own beliefs and your own energy and what you are desiring and truly manifesting. Are you looking at the lack or are you looking at all that the universe is providing for you. Start looking at how you are receiving, from a penny on the ground, to being taken out to dinner, a gift for your birthday, a discount on a purchase. Start focusing on all that you are receiving and be thankful for the flow of abundance that the universe is providing you to fulfill your desires. Your becoming aware of how you are creating your life will change your reality. It is time to wake up and see the
truth and take responsibility for your life’s experience. I am here to help guide you and support you in fulfilling your desires of your soul. Just call on me. My name is Rohan. Leah can help you to
connect to me, your guides and your unconscious beliefs that are limiting you so that you can create what you truly desire.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

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