New Light Source Reveals Shift In Our Consciousness

Light source reveals a shift in consciousness

Channeled Message from Metatron

This is I Metatron.

There seems to be a conundrum that has occurred in the development of a different type of lighting referred to as LED lighting.  So why am I speaking about this?  Well you see this new lighting is a physical representation of the change that is taking place on your physical world.  This shift in consciousness from a world of duality to being one with your soul and all there is.  

You see Kabbalah has used the way electricity worked in the light bulb as a means to explain how your physical world operates.  

Up until a short time ago the collective consciousness believed in a world of duality, so the light bulb reflected this consciousness. The light bulb worked with a negative wire, a positive wire and a filament in between them restricting the energy coming in causing the light to go on.  When you stopped restricting then the light would go out.  So what did that say or reveal was that in order to receive light one had to restrict what they received.

Now this new lighting called the LED light has one major difference and that is there is no filament. No restriction is required.  So how can that be?  How can what was considered to be a physical truth to the way we existed all of a sudden change and what does that mean to us spiritually?

The physical light bulb with the filament existed as long as our consciousness believed that you were separate from your source and thus you had to earn the light that you received.

Now your consciousness has changed and begun to accept that this is not true, that you are in fact one with the light and therefore do not need to earn what you ARE.  There was no longer a need for the filament or restriction.  There is no more separation.  This physical revelation is showing you that you only need to become aware of this truth that you are one with your soul, with your creator and just be the light and reflect the light with a continuous flow of energy.  It is as simple as a choice of perspective.  Which reality do you wish to exist in?   You are right now in a phase of transition to being the light rather than separating yourself from receiving and sharing.  It is all one. Light is.  

Thank you for allowing me to illuminate you on this matter.  Even spirit has a sense of humor, as it is all one.

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