How did James Arthur Ray, Law of Attraction Guru, get Convicted of Manslaughter?

James Ray is an example of Law of Attraction at work in its true form.

This is what happens when one is not being truly authentic to oneself. James, being a role model and going through this experience is an opportunity for many to learn what happens when you are not being completely true and authentic with yourself.

The law of attraction attracts to you experiences based on your strongest beliefs and emotions. Your core beliefs from birth to usually 6 or 7 sets your life’s challenges and experiences. You then create your life based on those belief systems until you come to a time that you wish to break through to something different.

When you begin to challenge your old belief systems, whatever protection systems you created will come up and challenge you to keep you safe and where you are. When they arise you have 2 ways of dealing with them.

Like most is to push through your fears, do what it takes to detach from them to move forward. The problem with this is that there is part of you that isn’t acknowledged and feels what it feels and will eventually raise its voice again to be heard. You will get triggered again and again until that part of you is paid attention. Until it is heard and acknowledged you will continue to be triggered each time in a bigger and bigger way until you deal with the real issue.

This is what happened with James Ray. Part of James feels like an utter failure who let’s everyone down. He overcame part of this from working on the physical that by strengthening his physical appearance would give him the confidence he needed to be loved and successful. Being a looser, alone and a disappointment came up before where he lost everything. He never dealt with these core beliefs buried inside.

You see those of you who are here to be teachers, gurus, role models and coaches are here to teach exactly what you are here to learn yourselves. That is the law of attraction. Those in your life that are drawn to you are here to reflect back to you where you are in your own life in addition to your helping them.

Once you stop realizing that you are always growing and learning you then cut yourself off from your true authentic self. As long as you are on earth in the physical experience you can grow to a greater level of awareness, no exceptions. Everything is for your growth, no matter who you are whether you are Jesus, Moses, Gandhi or you.

James meant well, but when you take on such a responsibility you have a greater responsibility to walk your own talk. This experience was an opportunity for growth by all involved whether you participated personally or as an observer learning from the incident. The biggest lesson that you can learn from this is there are no victims. Your beliefs create your experience.

When you give up your power to others over trusting oneself to guide you, you are subject to that experience. It is far too long that you have given away your power.

It is time now to take back your power by realizing that you are creating your experience by your beliefs. This is the law of attraction. Only you can begin to realize and accept that you are creating your life experience and you can change it by realizing that you have given away your power by putting your acceptance outside of yourself. You are basing your worth by societal standards instead of what truly makes you happy. What you deem as Love and success has been learned, but only you can decide what makes you happy.

Love doesn’t come from outside of you. Love is who you are. Anything that you believe otherwise you learned from others.

Everyone involved were drawn to this situation for his or her own growth. Each person can learn from this experience. You can learn from others but always listen to your own guidance, your own heart. If you don’t then you are giving away your power and subject to the consequences of your programming.

All the answers are within. Start listening. Listen to your feelings and trust them. By trusting yourself will give you back your power and lead you to that experience of trust. If you can’t trust yourself you can’t trust others. And that is the experience you will create. Blaming others will never change your circumstances. Everything happens for your growth.

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