Revealing Insight on Autism

Channeled Message from Metatron.

Autism is a reflection of a few things. Children are coming in as autistic to wake up humanity to pay attention to the needs of children that there needs to be a redirection of the learning and growth of children. Autism is bringing attention to finding new ways of communicating.

The scientific and medical breakthroughs through studying autistic children is going to discover and find new approaches to ways of communicating that will broach the psychic abilities of telepathy, intuition and going beyond the use of the five senses.

Putting the pieces together to Autism

By studying the brain and their patterns will discover that in fact these children are super conductors that are not slow or have disabilities but in fact are receiving from a different realm that they need to find a new way of bringing and communicating the immense amount of information that they receive and channeling it through to the physical realm.

The old means of learning and education just will not do and this is opening new ways of learning for all children. You might say that they are a bridge between the physical world to the non-physical world. They are here to advance the world and bridge this gap once you stop looking at them as handicapped and less than. Start to see them in a whole new light and you will shift your world with a whole new realm of possibilities being brought forth because of them. That is why there are so many of them being born now at this time.

It is also important that you stop drugging your children. Now physically what is the cause of why so many children are coming in autistic is because of the mercury. It is also due to the increased electromagnetic fields from all the electrons. Due to the overload of electromagnetic fields from your microwaves, cell phones, computers, televisions, etc. that you are glued to is bringing in these children.

Look to these children as a blessing instead of something bad, not to prevent them, but as a solution to raise up humanity and your entire world that will advance and shift for the better.

Realize that they are trying to communicate but because you don’t have the capacity within your learned ways, that they feel shut down or go within because they aren’t understood. Having patience and allowing them to express themselves in whatever capacity they express themselves, watching for clues of how they express themselves and then allow them to develop and nurture that avenue will open the door to further means of expression. These children are surpassing you in many ways and bringing through a particular gift. Look to their gifts.

They will communicate intuitively and if you want to learn how to communicate with them then you need to develop your own intuitive abilities so that you can communicate with them. They can feel your emotions and receive your thoughts and this affects them and why they sometimes react. Know that they will reflect what is going on to the people around them. Treat them as highly sensitive and intuitive that they understand things more than you can imagine.

Again when they are communicating but feel as though they are not heard or understood, they withdraw. Look at them as an opportunity for everyone to grow and advance your ability to communicate and listen and hear one another.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to grow and learn to accept one another.

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