How Your Perspective Creates Your Reality

Channeled Message from God
through Leah Levkowitz

We are approaching a time where you are removing the barrier between your three dimensional world and the non-physical world.  

As such there are many who are bringing awareness of these other dimensions.  What I would like to convey here and have you understand as you come across these different perspectives of seemingly new realities is that just as your physical world has presented truths and realities from your belief systems so to will be your creation and experience of the non-physical realm.  

It is your belief systems that created your experience on earth and it is the collective consciousness that has also created your experience in the etheric realm.

As your awareness is awoken and elevated you will discover and read many perspectives sometimes opposing one another. This is because they are reflecting your own belief systems.  As you grow in consciousness and the collective consciousness evolves the experience that you have of the non-physical realm will also evolve.

All experiences of evil, darkness and attachment is created by your belief systems, belief systems going back thousands and thousands of years ago.  All thought and consciousness is connected.  

All souls and spirit are evolving at the same time.  It is all interconnected.  

All your experiences are for your expansion.  Through your co-creation and experience of creating you are expressing the vision and creation of source of all divinity.  

There is a cyclical process coming from the past and the future. Where you are in any given moment creates your experience in the now.  There are many perspectives of your experience.  

Let me be clear though that your experiences are based on the varying belief systems that the collective has created.

There are many psychics and mediums that are interacting with and experiencing spirits as being stuck once they have crossed over.  

The only reason that this is occurring is because of the spirits connection to those of you on the physical realm that are not releasing them.  They are having this experience because of this connection coming from your physical attachment.  They are here for you.  Once you have released and let go they will move on.  

It isn’t they that are suffering.  They are reflecting your own pain and unforgiveness.  You experience this, as you need to find resolution, forgiveness and understanding.  Your lack of forgiveness and understanding and your desire for judgment gives you the impression of heaven and hell or some form of punishment.

You might say as you are experiencing the physical realm, you are now having experiences of the non-physical realm based on your belief systems.  Once you open to the non-physical realm the possibilities are far reaching to the experiences you can have, as you are not limited by corporal limitation.  

The experiences that you are discovering now on the non-physical realm are also for your growth and elevation and discovery just as much as it was in your physical awareness.  So with that said you are coming to a time to find your own truth and whatever perspective and truth someone has is his or her own.  

You can join someone else’s experience if you resonate with it, but find your own truth, as this is how you will be creating your path of evolution.  I will be revealing much more on this to Leah in a book that I am channeling through her now.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to you.

Copyright 2010 Leah Levkowitz. All rights reserved.

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