How To Transcend Your Limitations To Freedom

Channeled Message from Metatron
through Leah Levkowitz

You have 2 guiding forces; fear and love. From these 2 guiding forces come all your beliefs and emotions and challenges and ultimate growth and success, which we call achievements, those inevitable ah ha moments of understanding, enlightenment and letting go of old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore.

Just know that you are not alone and have spirit guides always with you. Ask for their help and be open to receiving the guidance in some way. You were guided here as an answer to your desires. Whatever you decide your guides will never give up on helping you.

The Psychic Tarot-John Holland
Steps to Transcend Your Limitations To Freedom – Using The Psychic Tarot by John Holland

When you come from fear and tap into it, that force will drive you to find situations that present fearful opportunities to overcome or stay stuck in. Which for the most part most of you stay in for lifetimes.

The other force of love comes from a connection to your soul, your higher self or god/universe/all that is. When you connect to this force you are guided by inspiration, possibilities, hope and joy because you connect with the unlimited force that guides you to solutions that ignites your passion to lead, bring forth new innovations and offer support and abundance.

These 2 forces give you the opportunity to make a free choice between which experience you wish to have, one from fear or one from love. Once you make this choice the universe will comply to co-create your experience based on the programs you have put into place that guides your experience.

Both forces serve a purpose. Both are good as they both serve your growth.

Where we would like to take you is one step further. We would like to give you a third choice and that is stepping into the power of your soul. Once you step into the power of your soul, things become truly exciting as you transcend the limitations of your programming which we call duality.

Once you transcend these limitations you are free to truly create the experience that you are capable of. This experience is unlimited power. Once you awaken to all that you truly are capable of, the doors are wide open.

You see, these boundaries give you structure, purpose and direction. Depending on your purpose will determine how you are directed and how you are shown what is possible to open the door for others to lead the way.

Like the star trek quote, “to boldly go where no other has gone before.”

You have only begun to explore this power that you are capable of. You once had this power and it was misused so it was taken away from you. This power was taken away, much like a parent taking away a toy from their child until they have matured enough to handle it wisely.

Unlike any other time in the history of mankind, where you have bombs and technology that can destroy your home, mother earth, we are protective of the wisdom that is allowed to be seen for the protection of your home.

Once we bring forth some wisdom it becomes available in the collective consciousness for anyone to tap into. If we enter it with a high vibration of love it remains with that frequency so that someone that is vibrating with fear or at a lower frequency won’t be able to receive it at the thought level. Once it has physicalized it may be found more readily. However like the law of attraction, you are each guided by your resonance and frequency to what you need for growth. This allows for the balance of your world to occur.

Ok, I wanted to explain this to you before we explain what is to occur on your planet and how you can transverse through it. Hopefully you now can understand how this fits together. As there is a tremendous force of fear right now on your planet.

It is drawing to itself a fearful experience in order for growth to occur which will take it into a higher vibration. The vibration of love will then be ready to come into action to bring forth the solutions of love and change that you have up until this time not ready to implement.

This is why there are so many souls on earth at this time that are spiritually holding the frequency of love to help those to transition out of the fear. We are protecting you and assisting you to maintain this high vibration so as not to be pulled down by the fear that is pulling on your light connection. This is why it is so important that you all clear your energy and beliefs that would connect you and hold you in this force of fear.

This is what we have been doing and continue to do at this time. This is a process of time, as you perceive it in your physical experience. It is why we have brought through so much divine support, as we know how difficult it is to hold strong in your physical world.

This force is what prevents people from connecting and staying connected to your soul and to your true authentic selves. Leah and others have been trying to reach you, to guide you to release your attachments to your beliefs that keep you in your fear and hold you back from your true experience of love and unlimited power.

It is only through your awakening to your true essence that you will be set free. This is why we emphasize channeling spirit, meaning, angels, master teachers and god beings as this connection will assist you to transcend the limitations of your programmed mind.

It is through this transcendence and awareness of your programming that has created your experience not only personally but also collectively that will create true and lasting change and freedom. Otherwise you will continue to follow the program of your mind and your world.

It is through your psychic intuitive ability that allows you to do this. It is imperative for you to learn to use this as you would learn to read and write. Otherwise it will hinder you and hold you back. This is why Leah made available to everyone The Awakening To Your Inner Power Home Study Program. This program provides the basic tools to tap into all of your abilities and begin to develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities and connection with your spiritual guidance.

Because of this we are guiding Leah to make this program available to everyone. If you can’t afford the modest price for this program, email her to arrange a payment plan or reduced price that you can afford so that you have this necessary tool. We look forward to assisting you in your journey.

Those of you who would like to accelerate your growth and would like to work one-on-one with Leah, she has her Soul Purpose Breakthrough to Brilliance 90-day Accelerated Program.

If you would like to break through to a deep level of consciousness and take this to support you to make a huge difference in the world, you can participate in The Awakening To Your Inner Power Live Event.

We advise you not to get caught up in the energy of fear that inevitably strengthens during an election process. We ask you to maintain as high a vibration of love as you can, whether you agree with ones politics or not.

There are major global changes that will affect your economy. It doesn’t matter who you elect, so don’t blame your presidents.

You have desired change and so change is coming. It is your opportunity now to shift out of fear into love. Call on us to support you to help you stay in a consciousness of love. Love does not mean that you can’t experience emotions of sadness or doubt or anger, etc.

It means that you love yourselves and accept this human emotion that comes from your programming and the collective consciousness and in this recognition you will allow it to express and pass rather than to stuff it and build it into a greater force to eventually explode.

We will bring you more soon to help you in this shift.
If you need help I am able to help you in my private sessions. I couldn’t imagine being without the help of my guides anymore than being without a computer.

This is why I created The Awakening to Your Inner Power Live Event to connect you to your own guidance to help you achieve your greatest potential and impact in the world. Learn more and Register: Click Here.

Just know that you are not alone and have spirit guides always with you. Ask for their help and be open to receiving the guidance in some way. You were guided here as an answer to your desires. Whatever you decide your guides will never give up on helping you.

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