How to Focus and Gain Greater Clarity

Channeled Message from Metatron
through Leah Levkowitz

This is Metatron.

Are you experiencing it hard to focus and being able to manifest all of the ideas and things you wish to accomplish?

There are a few reasons behind your not being able to focus.

The first reason is that you are ungrounded, meaning that your consciousness of your soul is not integrated with your personality.

Every time you have a painful experience part of your soul consciousness leaves your body so that it won’t feel the pain your mind says “I can’t handle this. I don’t want to be here,” and so your consciousness leaves.

This is similar to the experience you all have had of driving a car and you arrive at your destination only to say I don’t remember how I got here because your consciousness was somewhere else.

When you are ungrounded you will experience inner conflict because you will have thoughts of your mind, thoughts of your soul and you will be picking up thoughts of everyone else that are somehow connected to you by thought. You will experience all these different desires and influences which makes it difficult for you to focus and manifest into the physical realm.

By healing and accepting all of your personality will make it possible for you to stay grounded and allow your soul to become integrated and experience the oneness that you are.

By becoming one with your soul you will have clarity and access the wisdom of all your lifetimes, your guides and teachers and God or source to express itself clearly through your personality.

Until you completely love and accept your body, mind and soul, you will find it hard to maintain this integration. Having this awareness is the first step to accomplishing it. By becoming one with your personality and your soul you will achieve inner peace, power to create your life and manifest what ever you choose.

Keep in mind that all that you do is a vehicle for your inner growth, experience, and what you came to accomplish.

As you look for your soul purpose ask your soul or your self why you chose your parents or family that you chose to come into. Besides the limiting beliefs that you took on, there was something that your parents did that you liked or didn’t like that gave you direction in your life.

Were they overbearing in religion, causing you to rebel or lacking in religion, causing you to seek answers?

Were they poor but always sharing with others or selfish because of poverty consciousness?

Did they have an illness that caused you to go into a health related field?

Were they abusive that caused you to become sensitive and want to help other children?

There are many, many scenarios. I suggest you look at the gifts or direction you have gone as a result of the parents or lack of parents that you had.

You often think that you’ve done so many things, that you can’t find direction in your life. I say that all of your experiences are connected and giving you direction.

Take time each day to consciously breathe and ground yourself. Ground means to become consciously present in the moment. Nothing but the moment. Ask your soul to become fully present with you and surrender to the guidance of your soul. You have to make a conscious choice to do this. Making this conscious choice from your personality will bring the alignment and integration of your soul with your personality. It is really simple and yet it is a process of total love and acceptance of your self.

If you have difficulty grounding do something physical to move your energy and breath. Let go of thinking. Be receptive or listening. Become aware of how your energy feels and notice any changes and if so, then ask if it is coming from somewhere else.

We go into much more depth in The Awakening To Your Inner Power Home Study Course.

Once you are grounded and present, then ask what are the most important steps to take in accomplishing your goals. Write down whatever comes to your thought or feeling to do.

Sometimes it’s to rest. It could be to go exercise to move your energy. It could be to go have some fun. Once you start to listen and follow what you are being guided to do, you will find your life will flow with ease and wonder.

Until next time,

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