How to Find Your Way Through Life

This is Rohan

I am here today to explain the differences between the perspectives, energies and the messages that come through to various avenues or people and why they may differ from one to another.

You see each channel has a purpose. Depending on this purpose determines how they were brought up, where they were brought up and the experiences they went through, all leading to those they are here to reach and the messages they are to bring through.

There are as many perspectives from spirit as there are souls. There are families of souls and paths of growth that you are taking. Thus there are many different teachings that are being brought through. None are better or worse than another. They are just different paths to explore in your journey of your soul.

You will find what resonates with you is your path to take. Sometimes you are on one path and then you come to a fork in the road and you feel to switch paths. The road that got you there was necessary for you to take to bring you to the next turn. The path that brought you to the next leg in your journey was necessary for your growth to understand the next part of your journey of growth. Depending on your life lessons will determine which path you take and the choices you are presented with. The important thing to remember is that each lesson, each experience, is yours and yours alone. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself with others. Just because someone was successful following a certain path doesn’t mean that his or her path is for you.

Be open to allowing assistance, but always stay true to what resonates in your heart for you. Evan if guidance comes from a trusted teacher, only you and your soul knows what is right for you, even if they, your teacher or others don’t understand your choices, it is your journey and personal growth that you are here to experience.

Again it is not about right or wrong, it is about personal experience and growth. Many get lost and confused by all the gurus and teachings that are being presented. Listen to what your heart says that is right for you. Even if it is not the path that others would have you take, it may be a path that gets you to where you desire to get to. Everything you experience is ultimately for your growth and learning.

If you desire to follow your soul, you need to learn to listen to your soul. Your learned beliefs and limitations coming from your ego will confuse you at times. At those times of confusion are times to stop and retreat. Go within and let go of everything. Meditate and intend to surrender to your soul and follow your soul. When you do this, what is in conflict with your soul will arise for you to become aware of and make a choice to let go of what you have been attached to that does not serve you any longer.

This path is a journey of growth. Enjoy the journey. When you start out on a journey, you don’t say, I wish it were over. When you feel tired or lost, just take time to rest and enjoy where you are and how far you have come. Then you will have strength and joy in discovering each step along the path of your journey and every new insight and view you will find.

As you learn to trust your choices you will gain clarity to see more truth along the way. Gaining clarity is also a journey. One in which you can receive assistance if you desire. You can gain this assistance either indirectly or directly by opening your intuition and clearing beliefs that are blocking your clarity. It is your choice.

I am here to assist you, as is Leah. Call on me for help and I will be with you.
I am Rohan

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  1. norah
    11 years ago

    Thank you Leah for your spritual messages and kind efforts to assist a big scale of human beings to find clarity and spritual maturity.I applause Rohan article above because i got through it a lot of enlightment on certain issues in my life philosophy- But i call on him here to help me to approach my life purpose ..after a long dramatic struggle to survive with people on earth i got [since childhood ]the feeling i dont belong here ,despite that i never had any greed to compete with relatives collegues or friends i was always rejected and marginalised .Soon i got to know that my suffer wasnt a cause of karma but because am a starseed and i believe i have a strong feeling that am only here to encend a candle for humanity to enlighten her path to the divine,and am happy to do this despite all the harms i got.
    Now my question is who am i ,to which planet do i belong-how could i really activate my connection to my spritual guides , because a long period of suffer i cannot ground on earth and nothing here seems promising to me How can you assist me to get out of this dark tunnel.I will be very appritiating if my beloved Rohan could guide me i want him to know i feel a strong spritual connection to our bel.Jesus and St.Germain but because am lost and confused i dout it could be only my imagination PLEASE ASSIST ME TO KNOW MY TRUTH lot of Blessings and Light

  2. Janice Miers
    11 years ago

    Hello there, Are you going to be publishing a follow up piece? My husband and me have squandered some time browsing over your web page and surprisingly sufficient you touched on some thing we were discussing only the other week with our accountant. We often notice ourselves quarrelling over the smallest of issues, isn’t it childish? At any rate we wish you greatest wishes from the Usa.

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