How To Find True Love

Why are there so many single people today?
It seems that relationships are so much harder
to form and keep.

I am Rohan.
This is a very good question that I would like to address.

Your world is changing.  You are changing.  The divorce rate is at an overall high due to the fact that when people entered into their relationships they were connecting on a lower level from their egos.  So they were drawing to themselves a person who vibrated with where they were at at the time.  Your mates reflected back to you who you believed you were and the difficulties came because that conflicted with who you truly are. 

God has been bringing in a powerful energy for this transformational shift to occur.  Some of you are awakening and seeing yourselves for the first time and realizing that what you had desired doesn’t serve your truth anymore and so it is creating conflict or resistance between those who hold on to their fear of change and those who are ready to let go and move forward into a new way of being.  Depending on your soul’s purpose and desired growth experiences you will leave your
current partners, as your paths have shifted and new people and a new partner will come in to where you are at now in your life. 

Some of you will grow together and continue together.  Again this depends on the experiences that your soul chose to have and depending on if you both choose to change together.

Some of you have waited a long time to find love. 

Some of you have lost hope.  Please don’t despair.  It isn’t the quantity of time with someone but the quality of time spent together.  There are those who have spent a lifetime together in misery and those who have only shared a brief moment in time but experienced a love that will last them a lifetime.

So you want to know what can you do to bring in that true companion of unconditional love.  It is very simple and yet difficult at the same time.  It is to love yourself.  How can someone love you if you don’t love yourself?  If you don’t accept yourself, you will draw someone to you who will remind you of how you don’t accept yourself. 

Learn to recognize that you are a divine spirit of god and any other thoughts that you are less than or more than anyone else, comes from your ego and not your soul.  So the world is your reflection, in every way, individually and collectively.  Really start to see who you are and what you think and believe.  Most of you walk around totally unconscious.  Even the most spiritual and enlightened as you think you are you have so much more to go.

It is a process to enjoy.  Think of cleaning your house, not as drudgery, but as a journey of your past.  Looking at what doesn’t serve you anymore, how it once served you and now you can let it go.  Then, let it go.  You hold on to things thinking that you might need it someday.  I say, let it go and allow new things to come to you.  It is like the seasons.  The circle of life.  It is nature. 

So getting back to a loving relationship, which you are all desiring.  Decide what you want.  Some of you have made choices to close the door because you have been hurt many times.  Be open even if the relationship causes you pain.  The only difference now is to be conscious.  By choosing to take responsibility for what you are creating and not blaming or putting your power outside of yourself for your happiness, you will grow quickly into the being that you desire to be and bring into your life the same.  This is why many of you are still alone.  Some because you do not believe that you deserve to have a love equal to yours.  Some of you feel that there isn’t someone like you. 

I tell you right now.  It is all a choice.  What do you choose?  What is your life’s purpose?  Even if it is of the highest, to be of service to god, it is still your choice to share love and companionship.  It may however be different than what you have expected. 

So be open, be aware, know that you deserve love and be what you would like to receive.  Know that the true source of love comes directly to you from within you to fill you and to share.  Connect with this daily and you will experience love and blessings, as you are love.  It is this goal that motivates you in your life and moves you forward. 

Know that you are never alone.  Just call us to help you and we will be there to help.  There is so much love to go around, no limit.  Just allow yourselves to receive and share.  As you do your lives will change.  The world will change.  You will experience heaven on earth.

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Mostly we achieved a deep connection to our spiritual guidance and our true essence that we can now share with each other and our family. We see how we both created our circumstances, why we came together to go through this and now as a result are happier then we have ever been. Thanks so much Leah.”
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  1. Madeline
    11 years ago

    A great article!

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