How to Have Harmonious Relationships Even When You Don’t See Eye To Eye

Channeled Message from Metatron
through Leah Levkowitz

No matter how spiritual or enlightened you may be there are times that you must communicate with others that are not in the same consciousness as you.

What you must realize is that ultimately everyone wants the same thing and that is love and acceptance.

Every human being has a different perspective of life. There are no 2 humans that perceive their reality the same way. They may be similar and those are the individuals that you most likely are drawn to that you resonate with to do your spiritual work with in the world.

Then there are individuals that are drawn to you by the unconscious programming that has created your ego which also has a purpose and that is to learn how to love and accept yourself and others and ultimately achieve unity.

Then there are those that are part of our families, teachers, important society members that we interact with that we don’t resonate with or don’t see their perspectives the same way as our own. This also is an opportunity to grow to a level of acceptance and non-judgment. As long as you are interacting from your ego you will have conflict with these people.

There are 2 purposes for this. One is to seek to find resolution. In doing this you begin to look within to discover something within yourself that these people are reflecting and bringing out within you. Once you resolve the inner conflict you have within, this person or persons will no longer cause any disharmony, as you will have taken back your power.

The second purpose is by realizing that you are seeing different perspectives gives you an opportunity to see new things that you weren’t seeing even if you have a greater awareness and enlightened consciousness.

Countries who are unable to resolve their differences is because they continue to see themselves as victims and their perspective is the right one rather than looking for a solution that serves the greatest good for everyone.

If you will focus on how you all contribute to the greater good you will begin to see harmony in your relationships, interactions and within politics and countries.

As long as you only view what’s best for yourself with disregard to others you will have conflict and struggle or discomfort.

Now this is different than saying you must think of others first. You take care of yourself in a way that is in the highest good of all. In this way you will find the solutions that serve the greatest good and yourself. This is how you will have harmony in your life.

This is a process of growth. Until you have reached this level, to help you in the meantime, when you go to your friends or families, make sure you are present and grounded.

Take a few moments before, breathe and allow your awareness to become centered and present in your body. Invite your soul to be present within you. If you hear distracting thoughts you are not yet one with your soul. Surrender to the presence of your soul. All your struggles come from the mind. When you feel at peace, once you feel aligned, then imagine a space around you that is about 18 inches all around. Imagine clearing this space of any thoughts, emotions, and physical feelings. It is your clear space of your aura and your energy. Then allow the energy of your soul to expand and fill this space around you. Then intend that only loving energy enter into your sacred space. Then project your loving energy out to share with those around you. This is how you will experience a harmonious life. Take back your power and create the reality you desire.

Blessings, Metatron.

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