Spirit-View Perspective on Gabrielle Giffords’ Shooting

This channeling is in response to the shooting of Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords and several other individuals in Tucson, Arizona.  I channeled this message from Metatron the day after the shooting.  Please post your thoughts and feelings about this channeling below.

You asked from our perspective the meaning of this tragic senseless act of violence and what you can learn from it. On one side it brings a dark look of how far you have plummeted down in your freedom to express yourselves and the safety in doing so. On the other hand it brings awareness of how far you need to go in looking at where you are as a nation and a people fighting for your freedom of speech.

One must look at the collective consciousness and take responsibility in your behavior of how you treat one another in all aspects, from your running for offices, in your representations of the people and how you run the country. Are you being authentic to your truth? If so, speak your truths in such a way as to not badger one another for their truth. The leaders are just as much responsible for this incident in the way you fight one another and demean one another. Look at the example that you set on your youth. What message are you sending?

Let this incident bring forth change in the way one represents this country and the people you are serving. Be forthright in all that you do. It is not an easy job to represent the people and make everyone happy. It is quite impossible. You are not meant to all agree, but to learn how to have your disagreements and still work toward a solution that will work the best for the majority. When you undermine one another, you only weaken your own leadership. When you support one another even with your differences, you will have the support of the people and make your job much easier.

This event, again while tragic, hopefully will remind your leaders the importance to stand together and remember who you are serving. It is not enough to just judge and punish this young man. Look and learn the cause of what you as a people and leadership have created. Only in this way, will you prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

Your humble servant,


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  1. Mountain Deer
    11 years ago

    This does not even sound like the Metatron channellings of the past!!!! How is this channeling going to affect the leaders of this country? We need to put our faith in the Creator and not human leaders.

    Just the fact that the little girl that was killed was born on 9/11/01…. anyone can see that she came in for the bigger picture and purpose. People are not touched by adults killing adults but they are emotionally touched when murder involves children or animals. This of course is just a small part of the wake up call this horrid act will bring to light. In God’s world nothing is senseless or a mistake and the Creator of us all, allows these things for our good and soul evolution.

    Sorry Leah, I am being in my authentic truth and your channellings usually inspire growth and hope.

    • leah
      11 years ago

      Thank you for expressing your truth.
      I understand that this channeling came across different as it was in response to a specific emotional event that Metatron was responding to, unlike more general channellings.

      He is impressing on us all how we must take responsibility not only for our actions but also our consciousness, as the collective energy has an impact on us all.

      We are all a part of God concealed by our egos. We are here learning to recognize our godliness and oneness with each other and the creator. The universe responds to our desires, conscious or unconscious, personally and collectively, to learn how to use our co-creative power.

      Yes, we must reach out for guidance from God/spirit and our souls to guide us rather than our egos that are so limited to be able to see what is in our greatest good. Whomever is in a position of leadership is for a reason for our growth as well as theirs. Certainly this event was a wake up call as you said the child’s birth date and also the miracle of a bullet going through Gabby’s brain and her pulling through.

  2. marsha
    11 years ago

    As s mental health professional what I find disturbing is that this young man is clearly suffering from schizophrenia. If you listen to or read the comments that have been related by his friends and classmates describing his shifts in personality and oddities of behavior it is apparent that he needs help. Schizophrenia takes hold in the brian when the individual is in the late teenage or early adulthood years. Prior to that it is difficult to get a clear diagnosis. It is difficult to say whether he was in control of his actions or if he was beinging “commanded” by hallucinations. I bring this up as more and more budgetary hardships are being placed on services designed to help people who are ill. Without boring you with a manifesto of examples of funding cuts and their results I can sum it up in one sentence: Unless we as a community stop taking funds away from services designed to assits the patients and their families we are going to see more of this kind of trajedy both on a national and community level. The governemnt agaencies in every state are sucking funds from the marrow and feeding the fat. I can list example after example of suicides, murders and and other tragedies because there is not enough compassion for those individuals and their families who suffer from severe mental illness. Sad, but true. Leah if you want to hear about some of the unpublished tragedies I am talking about let me know. I have a laundry list at least a mile long.

  3. leah
    11 years ago

    Thanks Marsha for your perspective. It is true this young man was disturbed. What I receive is that he grew up feeling different, seeing the world through his eyes different from others and as a result feeling shunned, rejected, drugged, with feelings of no way out, desperately wanting to be heard. Many of our youth are being drugged for their differences, because they don’t fit into our outdated system of learning. I hope that this incident pushes the right buttons, to look at our education systems and realize that our children are coming in more connected and wiser that ever before and needing an outlet to channel this energy. If we continue to suppress and drug them, we will be very sorry in the future. We have to reevaluate all the labels we give to things we do not fully understand yet, i.e. schizophrenia, autism, ADD, ADHD, etc. and the impact they have on individuals. You might want to read the article on Autism that I channeled.

  4. love
    11 years ago

    People have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can truly go

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