Do You Really Have Free Choice or Free Will?

Do you really have free choice or free will?

Channeled Message from Metatron
through Leah Levkowitz

Hello. This is Metatron.

Today I’d like to talk to you about your destiny.

Do you really have free choice or free will?

On one hand you believe that if you make a decision not to do something that it makes a huge impact on others’ lives.

Like for instance if your soul came here for a certain mission or purpose and you don’t fulfill this purpose then you are failing or letting others down or letting God down.

What you don’t see is the overall perspective and the lessons that you are learning in deciding to do something or not. There are lessons and purpose behind everything that you do, even in the so-called mistakes and failures.

So does that mean you were meant to fail? And if so, is there really free will or free choice?

The only true free will that you have is in how you perceive your experience in life. How do you experience the choices you make? If you make choices and they don’t work out the way you planned, how do you feel about it? How do you feel about yourself? Did you make wrong choices? What experiences are you going through? Are you learning how your life is part of a greater plan?

The truth is that you are learning to become aware of your part of the whole, that your beliefs, thoughts and feelings are interconnected with other individuals and the whole. You are all part of the collective consciousness. You may believe that your choices and decisions are solely made by you, but they are not. They are interdependent. Once you become aware of this then you can decide what experience you want to experience and by invoking let’s say love, you will experience love by your choice and tap into that energy and draw that energy to you.

However, there are unconscious programs within you and within families and societies of belief systems that create specific life experiences and challenges for you. As you are becoming more and more aware of these programs and releasing them you become tapped into the divine programming of your soul and God. The only real difference between them is your perception. One you experience struggle the other you experience flow.

When you become aware that there is purpose behind everything and begin to see and let go of holding on you will experience peace and freedom and love. This is what you are evolving to and what you have to look forward to.

So the question at hand is do you really have free choice? Not really.

Your only real free choice is your awareness and acceptance that everything comes from a place of love. Once you can see this from God’s eyes, then your world will change.

Is there cause and effect? Yes. This is different then judgment. There is no judgment. This will be very hard for you to understand coming from your mind or egos. You can only understand what I am saying when you are connected with your soul.

You have all in one lifetime or another murdered. Once you shift into the consciousness of your souls there will be no purpose for many of the things that you do that cause pain. There will be no more need for these lessons anymore.

Many of you are going through deep challenges now, and though seeming to be painful, if you can see them from a perspective of becoming aware of what your beliefs are and how they are creating your experiences individually and collectively, you will evolve into a space of awareness and compassion and into a flow. So whether you do or not consciously, you all will move forward with the collective. However the difference will be, you will either experience struggle or flow.

You may not comprehend all that I am saying. You will each in your own time and in your own way. All is good and all of you are loved, as each of you are a part of God, the divine creation. To judge any of you would be for God to judge himself, wouldn’t it?

For those of you who are opposed to the term himself, I use this term only as your language does not have the correct term or word to describe God in this manner. God is of course all things.

We thank Leah for allowing us to come through and speak with you. I will reveal more in the book that Leah will be channeling for me.

Blessings and light,

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