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How do you find your truth when you are bombarded by a consciousness of fear and beliefs that you took on by your upbringing as a child? Your society has ingrained in you to have immediate gratification.  If you don’t see results  immediately from your efforts you are a failure.  All of this sets you up for failure.  I would like to change this so you succeed in fulfilling what your soul came here to accomplish.

First of all accept where you are right now, what you have achieved in your life, what you have received and created.  This is the first step.  If you don’t accept your circumstances then you are denying your power to create, as it is your own beliefs that have created where you are right now. 

If you are dissatisfied with your circumstances you are saying to the universe give me dissatisfaction.   So you receive circumstances that you will continue to feel dissatisfied.  If you compare yourself to others and feel impatience that you should be more successful more accomplished, what you are creating is that you are not good enough to be successful and then set yourself up for failure.

If however you say that “I am exactly where I am suppose to be in the journey and school of my life and that all that I have attained is exactly what I need at this moment to be successful, that at every moment and stage of my life I have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with others,” then this is what the universe will create for you.  You always have what you need at any given moment.  If you look at what you don’t have and therefore can’t be successful, then you will create that.  Look at the abilities that you do have right now.  Look at what you have accomplished and how you have been successful.  Ask your soul and the universe or God for the solutions to express your greatest potential with where you are right now.  Then trust that you have planted the seeds in the ground and even though you may not see anything immediately, know that the seeds are planted and you just need to water and nurture what you have planted and it will eventually manifest. 

If however you plant seeds and don’t see immediate fulfillment and so you abandon what you planted then that which you planted will not grow and manifest and you will feel like a failure, that you lost something, wasted your time and feel disappointed.

So it’s important to get grounded and present in the moment.  Accept where you are right now.  By accepting where you are and what you have achieved will create more of what you are.   Next look at your beliefs and feelings about yourself.  What beliefs of failure, disappointment, not being good enough, do you hold and how you feel about them?  How can you become a powerful creator that you are until you see how you have created where you are right now. 

You must understand that all of your life experiences are stored in the memory of your energy field and are creating your life’s experiences.  You are here to learn to be a conscious co-creator of your life’s experience.  Start by becoming aware of your day-to-day experience of life and you will begin to see how you are creating it.  You will begin to see the synchronicities between your thoughts, actions and experiences.

It is important to become aware of all of your thoughts and beliefs and feelings and accepting them by understanding them not just intellectually but also emotionally.  You see all unresolved experiences and feelings from the time of birth remain with you until you allow yourself to resolve those experiences emotionally and take on a different belief and experience.  This is how your life and your truth will change. 

Your truth is what you believe at any given moment and that is how you will experience your life.   Your truth can change from moment to moment.  Your truth is your own.  There is no one truth.  How can there be when you each are experiencing life from your own unique experiences and viewpoint.  You learn from one another’s experiences and viewpoints.  You have given away your power out of fear of failure or being judged or rejected and not trusting yourselves.  This is why you all have spirit guides who have a clearer perspective of your life plan that can assist you and guide you to align with your soul’s purpose. 

Once you are clear then you can align with your soul’s purpose and be guided and follow your soul without self-doubt and with confidence and trust.  Know that your truth can change through this process as you are becoming clear and that is part of the process.  Know that you are always loved, completely supported and powerful creators.


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