Faith and Trust

Channeled Message from God
March 2009

My message today is about faith.  All of you are struggling with something in one way or another. You may wonder, why don’t I have a loving relationship? Why am I struggling financially or with some health issue that doesn’t want to go away?  

You want to follow your soul and fulfill your purpose, but you are constantly met with one obstacle after another.  If your intention is only to serve God or for the highest good of all, then why isn’t it coming to fruition the way you would hope.

The answer is, “Let go.”  

You are learning that you are not in control.  You are learning how to co-create with the universal rhythm.  Sometimes it is a time to wait.  Sometimes you are in a place of growth.  It’s like learning how to surf.  You go out past the waves and wait for just the right wave to take you to your destination.  

Sometimes you lose patience to wait for just the right timing and catch a wave and get a little success and then it peters out or you get knocked down.  So you go out and try again.  It’s always the same.  

What you want to do is to go past what the resistance is until you aren’t resisting anymore.  Then you wait till the right opportunity comes to you. When it feels right it will just carry you along and everything will flow enjoying the ride.  Then you start over each time learning how to rise above your obstacles.

You must learn to have faith and not give up hope.  Just when you are ready to give up, let go and recognize that you are not in control.  The universe is supporting you.  

The universe is giving you what you desire. If what you desire isn’t showing up then look at what is.  Take a good long look at what you are desiring.  How are your beliefs contributing to what is showing up.  

Do you want money, but continue to feel like you are always struggling in life.  It seems to be a catch 22 cycle.  So how do you break the cycle?  Take baby steps.  You can have your big dreams, but also break it down into small steps that you know are achievable to reinforce your actions and desires.  

When you have a goal and you don’t know how it will manifest, don’t focus on the obstacles. Look at what you can do to start achieving your goal.  Do what you can.  This will give you momentum and propel you forward.  Don’t sabotage yourself by becoming impatient.  You know the old age saying, “if you build it they will come.”  This is true.  

Again, you must be patient and let go of attachment to how and when.

If you set dates for things to occur and the results you expected didn’t happen, doesn’t mean you failed, it just meant the timing wasn’t right.  It also is a time to check in and ask if this is what you really desired.  Do you feel you are ready?  Maybe something inside you says, you are not or you really didn’t want to do it.

All in all have faith.  Ask and pray for guidance and know that when you do we are stepping in to assist you even if you aren’t aware of it.

What most of you are going through right now is learning how to let go and trust.  Learning how to let go of attachment and have faith that everything will work out for the best, even if it doesn’t seem so.  

If you are going through pain and suffering, it is time to look at your life and make changes.  Don’t ignore these signals.  They are telling you that you are resisting the flow of life. If you have been struggling all your life, then you haven’t been following your inner guidance.  You have been going against your inner guidance and truth because of what you learned and because you want to be loved and accepted.  

It’s time to wake up.  Look within.  Ask. What am I here for to learn?  What am I really passionate and inspired to do in my life? What moves me?  This is where you will find your way to taking the right wave.  When you let go and trust you will be guided.  The teachers will come, the money will appear for you to do what you are guided to do.

You are in a time to learn to get back to trusting your inner guidance, clearing the old beliefs that have been limiting your greatness and power to create the most beautiful existence you could imagine.  First step is to know that this is true.  The rest will follow.  


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