How Can We Experience Change Harmoniously?

Letting go of the old.

Channeled Message from God

How Can We Experience Change Harmoniously?
by Leah Levkowitz

There is so much turmoil and chaos all around the world as you are undergoing rapid change.  You are all desiring change to your circumstances and at the same time are resisting change, holding on to old ways of doing things, old paradigms that you created that just aren’t working anymore.  You wonder how an abused woman stays in abusive relationships.  Well you all are having this experience as you are all staying in systems that are abusive to your way of life in how it naturally can be.

So why do you hold on to these systems that are centuries old?  Why does a person stay in an abusive relationship?  It’s because it’s all you know.  You don’t know or trust that there is something better.  You’ve only experienced life as difficult, hard, challenging and so that is what you expect.  You can’t believe that there is a better way if I let go of what I’m used to or the only way I know how to exist.  So you continue to suffer, fight, argue, defend, and justify yourselves.

The only way to change your circumstances and the momentum that is assisting you at this time to let go is through directly connecting to your soul and your source.  Having faith and trust is not enough.  That is why your religions have failed.  I want to ask you that have followed a religion and have had faith in God, have you completely trusted your life circumstances when things got difficult?   When things got difficult then you blamed others and yourselves for your failures.  You created separation within your own beliefs, religions and between peoples of other beliefs.

You are coming to a time that all of this must fade away.  The truth is there is no one right way.  The right way is dependent on your own beliefs and what you came here to learn and experience.  The only way for you to find harmony with the changes that are occurring now is to have a direct connection with God and your soul, to really know who you truly are and that no matter what you do or experience that you will be all right.  You never die.  Understand that each person finds a particular path for their own unique purpose and growth and that every one of you no matter what religion you are or aren’t in contributes to the growth of the experience and vision of source.  You are in a process now of learning to trust and to let go of fear.

I ask you to take a few moments each day, to quiet yourselves and ask whatever your God or source is to you to come in and fill you with the unconditional love that you are.  

Imagine being in the eye of a tornado, experiencing the calm and peace within all the chaos around you and then imagining no matter what happens that you will be all right.  Then ask yourselves do you want to create peace or chaos?  

I attempted to teach the Israelites in the desert how to trust that they would always be taken care of, that they would receive the manna each day.

You are learning right now to let go of the past and what isn’t serving you anymore and how to be powerful creators.  I will help you find this direct connection if you ask.  

I will help you through the fear of change and to finding peace and harmony in acceptance of change and yourselves.  You are all beautiful to me right now and always.

Peace be in your hearts.

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