How Our Expectations Affect Us

This is Metatron.

Today, we will speak about expectations and how that affects your life and experience.

You have your beliefs and from those beliefs you have expectations, first of yourself and then of your life, and that includes others.

When our expectations are not met, then we go through the gamut of emotions of being let down, not good enough, afraid of being alone, feeling like a failure, rejected, deceived, I can’t trust him/her, how can I trust others, I feel unheard, unloved, I’m all alone and the list goes on. So can we live without any expectations? No.

The key is to choose your expectations. See if they are coming from your ego, which is fear based or from your soul, which is from unconditional love. If your expectations are coming from your soul for the good of all, then your expectations will always be met. If they are not, then it’s time to look again at your expectations and see where you were in denial of some form of control.

We ultimately will get to a place of total surrender to our soul and God and know that nothing happens that isn’t for our highest good. 

Will things change? Will people enter and leave our lives? Certainly. As we change, people who came into our lives to help us to grow, once they have fulfilled that soul agreement, then they may choose to move on; and someone new will come to take us to the next level of our growth. Those of us who are on a high path of growth will go through many people to help us to grow and change. There will always be companions and support. We will never be alone. God will always provide you with love, support and acceptance.

The question is will you see it and accept it. It will always be there for you. It may not always look like what we think; but if you open the door, it will be there for you, guaranteed.

So your question is why can’t we meet people who will change with us and stay in our lives?

You come together with people for one reason, and this is for growth so either you will have people around you who help you to go through your blocks or supporting your spiritual work in some way. If someone is not doing one of those two things, then there is no need for them to be in your life. So when you are looking for a life companion, you will ultimately challenge each other. Once you have cleared most of your major issues, then for you to stay together for a lifetime you would both be supporting one another in your spiritual work, propelling each other forward. People and the world will always be a mirror to you where you are on your journey.

So you may have a relationship that is not helping you to grow or blocking your work. Your soul then will make it uncomfortable to be together giving you the opportunity to either change or move on.

Sometimes that uncomfortability is helping you to grow, showing you what you are creating. Until you change or let go of something or someone, the uncomfortability will stay till you learn the lesson. This is all a process of moving from the consciousness of the ego to the consciousness of the soul. There will be a lot of trial and error as this is how you will come to know the difference and truly be able to let go and trust completely.

We, spirit, are always here to guide and assist you. Sometimes you choose to learn the lesson the hard way. Either way we are here. We will never leave you no matter how many times you fall down. We will be here to help you get back up. We may just bring you a song you hear on the radio, or one we sing in your head or some other little message that helps you get back up and moving forward again.

Peace and blessings.

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