Are you an Empath?

Are you an Empath like me?

Do you pick up other peoples energy, emotions and even physical pain and symptoms? Not sure? You may be doing so and not realizing it. I didn’t know I was until my forties and sat next to a psychic who told me the pain in my back I was complaining about wasn’t my pain. She told me I was picking it up from someone else. I was amazed. She told me to close my eyes and say, “If this isn’t my pain I choose to let it go.” The pain disappeared. That was when I discovered how empathic I was and had been all my life.

Most of us are walking around ungrounded because when we were young we learned that it wasn’t comfortable or safe to be in our body so we escaped by zoning out, daydreaming or consciously being somewhere else so we could avoid what was going on.

Anytime a similar situation arises to threaten your comfort zone the first defense is to zone out or whatever way you learned to cope with keeping you safe from getting rejected or hurt.

One way to protect yourself was to feel what others were feeling in order to defend yourself or avoid the situation. This developed your empathic ability. However, most of the time you probably aren’t conscious of what you are tuning into and picking up. Often you will pick up emotions from someone and even their thoughts, take it personally and react according to your past experiences when they may have nothing to do with you at all.

If so, the best thing you can do is to start your day getting grounded. Get your awareness present in your body.

Take a moment and focus your awareness by imagining your consciousness flowing within you all the way down to your feet.

Then imagine from the crown of your head a power chord running down your spine and out the tip of your tailbone down into the center of the earth and plug it in. Try it and let me know how it feels.

This is one reason why developing your intuitive abilities is so important so that you can use it powerfully instead of painfully.

One thing you can do is come to The Awakening To Your Inner Power Live Event or the On-line program.

I look forward to helping you develop your intuitive power. If you’d like to schedule a 30 min. Discovery Session with me to see how you can fulfill your purpose as a healer in your own prosperous business email leah @

To your Divinely Guided Success,


Do you want to learn how to use your intuition to communicate with and voice channel God and your spirit guides to transform your life and others?

If you desire:

  • Your own clear, intuitive connection to give you wisdom and guidance for accelerated growth
  • To do something that matters and is valued
  • To develop and use your gifts to create a deep, transformational impact in the world
  • Confidently use your intuition to guide you in making wise decisions and support you in all that you do.

If so, this Event is for you.

You will:

  • Open and deepen all of your psychic and intuitive abilities
  • Connect to your own spiritual guides to assist you in manifesting your purpose
  • Help others by learning how to read them and give them guidance
  • Receive clear guidance for yourself
  • Gain clarity on your life purpose and steps to implement it
  • Past life healing to help you clear current issues
  • Learn how to be a conscious voice channel to bring through higher wisdom and guidance
  • Discover attachments you have that are holding you back
  • and much, much more

Are you ready to Step Into Your Power and Shine?

This is why I created The Awakening to Your Inner Power Live Event to connect you to your own guidance to help you achieve your greatest potential and impact in the world. Learn more and Register: Click Here.

Just know that you are not alone and have spirit guides always with you. Ask for their help and be open to receiving the guidance in some way. You were guided here as an answer to your desires. Whatever you decide your guides will never give up on helping you.

I look forward to empowering your Divinely Guided Success.

Much love,


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  1. Leo
    9 years ago

    hey I was totally cynical until someone told me some of my emotional pain which I couldn’t explain might b someone else’s. Then I watched and true to form if I couldn’t explain it, it was someone was upset/angry/ emotional near me. Crazy then I thought everyone could do it until that same person told me no.

  2. leah
    9 years ago

    Leo, we all have the ability to feel others, but it has to be developed. Each of us has a strength that we are tuned into, our inner seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling. Our unconscious beliefs and experiences can open us up to these channels of communication. That’s why its important to be grounded and aware of our own energy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sue
    9 years ago

    The person you’re describing is me. I always knew I was different. More sensitive than those around me. The defenses I put up became the mechanisms for avoiding challenges. I couldn’t grow as person. I was so cluttered with old programming and unresolved stuff. It took many years of searching and finding answers. Then, I started to understand the power of meditation and presence. The right people and information started to come along.
    I met you in San Diego 5 years ago at a show. You encouraged me to pursue teaching. You gave me confidence when I was so unsure of myself. I have come a long way since. Thank you Leah.

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"Wow I had a totally awesome experience. I had a problem that had been with me all my life and Leah worked with me and brought it out and I feel like a burden I've held for so many years has been lifted from me. It was totally gone in minutes. It was one of the best feelings I have felt in a long time. It was just amazing to me."
Brenda, Lompoc, CA

"Thanks for your help, I do feel so much relief and understanding. I'm able to breathe much easier. Your sessions helped me to break through my fears and thoughts that were strangling my life and helped me to clear a health condition that I had. I'm not so tense or emotional as I was. It opened me up a lot and helped me move forward and follow my inner voice. Now I feel like so much has been lifted off of me. I'm happier and look forward to things. I feel safe to express my truth. Thank you, Thank you."
Dani, Tucson, AZ

"Your ability to help people hone into and release the obstacle that needs clearing is a great gift that you give."
Dorianna, Tucson, AZ

"Thank you Leah! Your session helped me to see myself and situation in a new light. I feel freer and happier since you worked with me, and a deeper connection to source. So many doors have opened, and I feel it is because you helped me to see they were open. Thank You.”
Candi, Studio City, CA

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