Election Year Breakthrough

Message from Spirit

It is hard to avoid the contrast and energy of separation of an election year as it is bombarded at you everywhere.

There are two areas I would like to address that will benefit you and the world’s direction.

First, the illusion of separation and opposition that arises during an election year. In your desire for change and solutions one must raise the problems so that solutions may be formulated.

Instead of seeing others with perspectives differing from your own as wrong, see them as a perspective from one vantage point without condemning it. In order to bring solutions that will benefit the whole you must be open to looking at all perspectives to come to one or many that will benefit the whole.

The second thing you must understand is when you close yourselves off to listening to others you are rejecting part of yourself and others listening to you. This also shuts you down from receiving a solution that is beneficial to everyone.

There are solutions where no one has to sacrifice. This is a false premise based on beliefs of scarcity and fear. Instead focus on solutions of inclusiveness, prosperity for all, freedom for all, security for all, and wellbeing for all.

Your states and countries fight for what? You fight for freedom and security by creating fear and oppression. There are no borders in the air you breathe or the water you drink. There are no longer borders in information.

Everything is evolving quicker than at any time in your history. If you focus on fear and lack then that is what you will create. As what you focus on is what you will gravitate toward and receive. You will always see proof of what you believe.

If instead you will focus on each one of you as contributing to the whole and each nation and people as contributing to the whole to rise to a better way of living unified and prosperous, loving and free you will find opportunities and ideas where you aren’t harming one another but benefiting one another.

Those who resort to violence have come to do so as a result of not being heard, being judged and lacking solutions to their problems. You have been educated to believe that fighting and violence is the only solution and that by killing or eliminating what you don’t like will solve your problems. Whether it is people or cells in your body, destroying what you don’t like will never solve the problem as it will reoccur somewhere else.

If you address the basic desires of everyone you will transform your world quickly without much suffering.

If you focus on what serves only you and not you and the whole then you are creating separation and lack for yourself and the whole.

Everyone wants acceptance, freedom to express themselves, security and the ability to create and grow and thrive. Focus on giving this to each child, person and nation and this is the world you will begin to see.

If you look for problems and what is wrong you will always find them. If you look for creative beneficial solutions and what you would like to create this is what you will achieve.

What you focus on is what you will experience. If what you focus on is judgement, fear, separation and control you will attract a similar energy where you live with lack of control, lack of freedom and fear in order to validate your beliefs.

Choose wisely.

Divinely Guided Success

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