Do you Deserve Unconditional Love and Support?

Do you deserve unconditional love and support?
Of course you do!

Deep down, however, you may feel like you don’t deserve it.

Let me explain. If you feel you are not good enough, you don’t completely love and accept yourself, then you are creating or allowing experiences into your life to support those feelings. Consciously in your logical mind you may say you love yourself, but unconsciously there is a part of you that feels otherwise. If you get triggered or emotion rises, you still are holding belief patterns and emotions that feel differently.

Can’t we just ask God to clear all beliefs that don’t serve our highest good anymore? Yes.

In most cases though that won’t happen. Why? Because then we are giving away our power. Part of our human experience is to emulate the creator. In order to do that we need to understand what unconditional love and acceptance is. We learn through our experiences. The other reason is to recognize that our power comes from the creator and is expressed through us. Our beliefs color our perspective for our growth.

The more we learn to love and accept ourselves, the more conscious we become to our true essence, clarity and brilliance, like the multi-facets of a diamond.

We all were given spirit guides and physical guides to help us to understand, gain the wisdom to fully love and accept ourselves and to express our true brilliance. I’ve developed Divinely Guided programs to help you to take back your power.

In The Awakening To Your Inner Power Live Event you will be able to access the intuitive insight and wisdom from your guides to discover what is unconsciously blocking you.

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In the Abundance & Expansion Breakthrough, after 2 days of developing your intuition and connection with your spirit guides, you will bust through your glass ceiling and expand into your true potential supported by the universe.

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Do you want to go deeper to learn Soul Empowerment Healing to create breakthroughs and shifts for yourself and others in Relationships, Self-Confidence, Prosperity, Spiritual Growth, Life Purpose, Physical and Emotional Well-Being?

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IMAGINE having a Thriving Prosperous Business Transforming Lives with your Ideal Clients you Love no matter where you or they are in the world.

Become a Soul Empowerment Healing Certified Practitioner.

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Soul Empowerment Healing


  • The Awakening To Your Inner Power Online Program to get started Developing your Intuition and Connection to your Guides Immediately
  • Divine Niche Breakthrough to Brilliance Online Program to get a Head Start Creating your Unique Service and Brand
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I am Divinely Guided to support your success.

Much love,


Leah Levkowitz Empowering Transformational Breakthroughs to Brilliance

“Once you see how every moment of your life and every choice you make matters and that you can truly do no wrong, you will have fulfilled your purpose.”- Leah Levkowitz, Divinely Guided Success: Discover The Missing Piece To Reveal Your Destiny

PS: It all starts July 25. Don’t wait to fulfill your potential. Register Now.
The Awakening To Your Inner Power Live Event and Abundance & Expansion Breakthrough – July 25-26, Tucson, AZ
Soul Empowerment Healing 4-Day Intensive – August 5-8, Tucson, AZ
Soul Empowerment Healing Certified Practitioner Program – Begins July 25

If you are excited to learn more about this Divinely Guided Opportunity to do work that you Love and Prosper from and see if this is right for you, Schedule a time so we can talk.
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DGS_3D_reflectionPS: If you haven’t gotten my book yet, I encourage you to do so. It has had a profound impact on many who have read it and are reading it for the second time.

Journey with me as I show you how the pieces of your life connect to fulfill your purpose. Get your copy here: Divinely Guided Success: Discover The Missing Piece To Reveal Your Destiny

Everything comes to us in perfect divine timing.

With your order you will be given the opportunity to receive additional bonus gifts from authors and experts in the field of personal transformation.

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"Wow I had a totally awesome experience. I had a problem that had been with me all my life and Leah worked with me and brought it out and I feel like a burden I've held for so many years has been lifted from me. It was totally gone in minutes. It was one of the best feelings I have felt in a long time. It was just amazing to me."
Brenda, Lompoc, CA

"Thanks for your help, I do feel so much relief and understanding. I'm able to breathe much easier. Your sessions helped me to break through my fears and thoughts that were strangling my life and helped me to clear a health condition that I had. I'm not so tense or emotional as I was. It opened me up a lot and helped me move forward and follow my inner voice. Now I feel like so much has been lifted off of me. I'm happier and look forward to things. I feel safe to express my truth. Thank you, Thank you."
Dani, Tucson, AZ

"Your ability to help people hone into and release the obstacle that needs clearing is a great gift that you give."
Dorianna, Tucson, AZ

"Thank you Leah! Your session helped me to see myself and situation in a new light. I feel freer and happier since you worked with me, and a deeper connection to source. So many doors have opened, and I feel it is because you helped me to see they were open. Thank You.”
Candi, Studio City, CA

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