DNA of the Universe


Imagine if you will that each human soul is a cell in the DNA of the cosmic universe. Every cell has within it the DNA of the entire universe. Looking at the human body, when there is a cell or cells that are not in harmony within the body then some form of dis-ease occurs.

How do we typically try to heal this dis-ease or disharmony? By eradicating it or killing it as in cancer for example. How do we try to heal cosmic disharmony? In the same way, we think by killing the source of disharmony that it will eradicate the problem. Killing the disharmonious or radical cells brings temporary healing for a while, but unless we treat each cell as part of the whole and look at the root of the disharmony then what happens is that the disharmony reoccurs in a greater way ultimately causing death. You can see the parallels between the human body and the world at large in how we treat healing.

Unless we start to look at every cell in the human body and every human being as a cell in the cosmic soul in the same manner, that each cell is in itself the whole, we will never eradicate pain and suffering, disease and destruction. It’s time we start to change how we look at healing the body and healing the world. There is no difference between them. Until we change the collective consciousness we will never find the solution to true healing. With every modern medical cure comes another disease.

So how do we change the collective consciousness? There cannot be disease in the body or in the world without the potential cause being at the root of every cell or human being. 

Every human being is collectively contributing to the disease of humanity. Therefore, by each human being taking responsibility for the consciousness of the whole and looking within where there is disharmony within oneself and bringing that disharmony back to understanding and love and acceptance of oneself, will affect the whole. This is the root and where all solutions to transforming and healing oneself and the world are found.  

We have for far too long put our power outside of ourselves, blaming everyone and everything for the state of our suffering.  It is our beliefs that are killing us, our fears of not being good enough, trying to prove ourselves to be loved and accepted, that there is lack in the world, that my way is the only way.

So how do we change this consciousness so we can heal? First, to accept that we are all, every human being in the world a part of the DNA of the source of creation and as such all connected. It is an illusion that we are separate. We are no more separate than the air we breathe. We are a part of source of all creation. We are the co-creators of our reality of our experiences. By changing our beliefs we will change our reality.  Whatever we see in our reality is a reflection of ourselves. We can only change our own beliefs. By unconditionally loving and accepting ourselves will affect the whole and create complete healing.

So how do we do this? First, know that you are not alone. By connecting with spirit, your higher self, your soul, God/source with the intention to heal and love and accept yourself you will be guided to healing yourself. All the answers are at your disposal. They may come from within, you may read something, receive an e-mail, hear a song, meet a teacher or healer that will guide you. Be patient with yourself as this is part of loving yourself. As you heal, you heal the whole; by your learning you, become the teacher; by being an example, you empower the other cells/souls to follow.

There are many souls that are being guided and awakening to this reality. Spirit speaks through all of us. One vehicle for this change brought forth by Spirit is the NewWorld Vision to bring the world back into unconditional love and oneness through reconnecting people to spirit, to guide you to your truth with intuitive spiritual guidance, education, support and to empower you to live your soul’s purpose. If you’d like to support this mission by learning to connect to spirit and heal yourself and/or contribute financially or as a volunteer please contact me at leah@spirit-view.com.

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"Wow I had a totally awesome experience. I had a problem that had been with me all my life and Leah worked with me and brought it out and I feel like a burden I've held for so many years has been lifted from me. It was totally gone in minutes. It was one of the best feelings I have felt in a long time. It was just amazing to me."
Brenda, Lompoc, CA

"Thanks for your help, I do feel so much relief and understanding. I'm able to breathe much easier. Your sessions helped me to break through my fears and thoughts that were strangling my life and helped me to clear a health condition that I had. I'm not so tense or emotional as I was. It opened me up a lot and helped me move forward and follow my inner voice. Now I feel like so much has been lifted off of me. I'm happier and look forward to things. I feel safe to express my truth. Thank you, Thank you."
Dani, Tucson, AZ

"Your ability to help people hone into and release the obstacle that needs clearing is a great gift that you give."
Dorianna, Tucson, AZ

"Thank you Leah! Your session helped me to see myself and situation in a new light. I feel freer and happier since you worked with me, and a deeper connection to source. So many doors have opened, and I feel it is because you helped me to see they were open. Thank You.”
Candi, Studio City, CA

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