Direction of Medicine and Healing

Channeled Message from God

Direction of Medicine and Healing

Let’s look at the course of history in regards to healers, which covers doctors and medicine and the direction its going.

When you first came to be incarnated on this planet you had a direct connection to your soul and God and were in tune with your physical well-being and natural rhythm.  You listened to your body and guidance as to what was good for you to eat, rest and exercise.  

As man evolved into the spoken language he more and more stopped listening to his innate wisdom and guidance from within as he depended on outside communication.  As you lost this connection and guidance with your soul and God you started depending on others for guidance and sought out guidance when you became ill instead of going within.  

In the beginning those healers were still connected with their internal guidance and wisdom and were guided to particular herbs and plants that were naturally good to heal a particular illness or symptom.  Those healers were also there to guide the individual to why they were sick and guided the emotional healing as well.  

As man evolved further, more healers were required and training started.  However by this time for the most part the healer lost his ability to tap into his innate wisdom and medicine became a science rather than a spiritual healing.  

Many of the true healers were considered outside the norm and branded witches or sorcerers.  Once the mind took over the ego came into play and logic took over.

Even though medicine has evolved throughout time, the lack of a holistic approach and connection to their source brought about more illness in which to solve.  

Once money became the prime motivator for people to become healers, the emphasis on the quick fix became the goal rather than using more natural, less expensive methods, longer periods of healing to affect real healing instead of temporary healing.  The consciousness of healers or should I say doctors was desiring a profession rather than one focused on the well-being of individuals.  This is not to say that doctors don’t care about healing their patients.  They do. However, they have a greater motivation to make money or be successful or well known for their accomplishments.  

There have always been those souls that have come down in each generation to bring through real advancements, but not those that you’d think.  

The last 20 years there has been a renaissance of sorts to a more holistic way of healing.  This has been a real revolution to go against the security of what has become the norm and status going back to a more simplistic way of healing and going back to grass roots.  

That’s why you have seen more and more of a rebellion of people desiring not to go to doctors unless really necessary.  This desire brought about alternative methods by the thousands.  

In the beginning it was a real uphill struggle, but now going back to holistic medicine is beginning to become the norm.  

With all the advancements in modern day medicine there seems to be more illness and that is because the ultimate root of a persons illness has been ignored,  therefore becoming stronger or worse.  

It is only through truly looking at and healing the source or thought behind the illness will true healing come about.  

In some cases illnesses and disease are brought on because of the beliefs and desires of the collective consciousness.  If for instance a group has a wish, fear or emotional desire to remove or
eliminate a group of people, this group consciousness will create this to be so.  It will however come back to them to learn compassion for those they had intolerance for.  

We are coming to a time soon where science, medicine and intuition will go hand in hand.  A true healer seeks to empower the individual to heal himself through understanding and acceptance of one’s path in life and each person’s divine connection and ability to self heal.  

In time each person will have the ability to receive guidance and understanding to receive direct healing from source.  

The parallel seen today of eating healthier, which has swept your world, will become more prevalent rather than the minority.  The more you become more aware and in tune and accepting of one another and your earth you will come back to a balanced perspective of unconditional love which will bring about healing that is lasting.  

Healing will no longer be motivated by fear but by unconditional love and acceptance and understanding of the choices and growth of mankind.  

Look for the intention of everyone’s highest evolution and you will follow the path of least resistance.  

Thank you for allowing me to share this perspective to you.


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