Different Pathways To Fulfillment

by Leah Levkowitz

This is Metatron.

You purposely explore different pathways to show that spirit can and will work through you to manifest exactly what you choose and you desire.  

Whether it is through the focus on money or the focus on creating your intention, the funds and the means will materialize in exactly how you desire them.  

Just remember though that whatever your beliefs are will also bring along for the ride your experiences in what you create.  So you can have a focus on creating a lot of money and comfort, however if your beliefs are to avoid pain, your fears will also crop up to show you those fears so you can clear them.  If you intend to feed the homeless or some other altruistic goal and your beliefs are that you are a victim and are never successful or the world is unfair then you may fail to fulfill your desire.  

However if you hold to your vision and you are confident that the universe will support your vision and that money will come in unexpected ways that will provide for you and your happiness and fulfillment then we will work with these desires as well.  

If you will be open to going with the flow as you are learning and allow us to guide you then we will open up different avenues to bring in money to create your visions.  

Some of you will work within the physical constructs that you are used to.  Others of you are working with the energetic ways of creating.  This will show that trust and faith and holding to your passion and vision is also a viable pathway just as the physical limited way that you have learned.  

You are opening and experiencing new pathways of being so that you can share them.  You must go through them so you can share them.  So let go and allow others to go their own way and you go your way.  

Stay true to your vision.  Stay connected with what you choose.  

When you waver in your direction that is what holds you back.  The daily power calls that Leah held helped you tremendously.  Find some way to stay connected daily with spirit. Opening your psychic abilities and awareness is going to help you.  

You must become aware of your unconscious beliefs that are hindering you. Trust in yourself that whatever you do and choose is ok.  

Be aware of what you are desiring as your desires are directing the flow of energy.  We will give you guidance in many ways, as there are numerous possibilities for you to fulfill your desires.  

What you need to do is ask what steps do I take right now that will take you to manifesting your greatest vision of yourself. Then what you receive, stay focused on that.  

Look at the desires that you’ve held that have kept you where you are.  So that is why being ok where you are and at the same time focusing on the things that supports your greatest potential, where you feel blessed and are able to share all of your abilities freely when spirit moves you.  

Hold a desire to eat healthful food and that your home is filled with the presence of source energy.  You are safe guided and protected.  

You allow others their way of learning and growing and you find your own way.  

You see you have been swayed because you gave away your power to others.  You allowed them to change your mind because you wanted their approval or felt you needed their help.  

The key is the help is always there.  

Stay focused on the path you choose and be patient for the timing and the ways to present themselves.  Let go of how things will manifest.  Only believe that they will manifest in perfect timing so that you experience joy, love, prosperity and fulfillment, always bringing and providing you with all your needs.  
So be it.

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"Wow I had a totally awesome experience. I had a problem that had been with me all my life and Leah worked with me and brought it out and I feel like a burden I've held for so many years has been lifted from me. It was totally gone in minutes. It was one of the best feelings I have felt in a long time. It was just amazing to me."
Brenda, Lompoc, CA

"Thanks for your help, I do feel so much relief and understanding. I'm able to breathe much easier. Your sessions helped me to break through my fears and thoughts that were strangling my life and helped me to clear a health condition that I had. I'm not so tense or emotional as I was. It opened me up a lot and helped me move forward and follow my inner voice. Now I feel like so much has been lifted off of me. I'm happier and look forward to things. I feel safe to express my truth. Thank you, Thank you."
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"Thank you Leah! Your session helped me to see myself and situation in a new light. I feel freer and happier since you worked with me, and a deeper connection to source. So many doors have opened, and I feel it is because you helped me to see they were open. Thank You.”
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