How to Cope In An Ever Changing World

This is Metatron.

The world is changing, increasingly so. There is evidence of this phenomenon everywhere. You barely can keep up with the technological changes as you see in telecommunication, computers, science and medicine. This rapid change is due to the increasing vibrational frequency, which is removing the density to open clearer communication between the physical world and the non-physical world. This increase of frequency is going to continue.  

It will cause confusion and a feeling of being lost, not knowing one’s role or place. It is awakening you to become aware of who you are, why you are there on earth, how you are connected to the whole scheme of life or what is your purpose for being. You must change in order to keep up. If you don’t you will experience resistance and being out of sync with the flow. This will create fear and loss because you will feel like you missed the boat. Those who are not prepared for this change will either leave the world or suffer.  

Many of you are loosing friends and relatives as they are leaving purposely to assist in this great change by either helping on this side or returning to assist in a greater way for the future.  

You may need to rest more. It is imperative to nurture yourselves and take care of your health, by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and exercising. Exercising will greatly benefit you in your change of vibration. These things will help you to adjust to the change of energy.

You also are experiencing dealing with unresolved issues coming to the surface. This is so that you may clear them and let them go, as they will no longer serve you in the higher frequencies.

As you become clearer you will also become aware of reception of telepathic communication. At first you may not be aware of where it is coming from. You are in a process of attuning yourselves to this type of communication and so it is essential for you to take time each day and ground yourselves and meditate or go within to know your own energy and discern when you are picking up on others.  

It will become necessary to develop your intuitive qualities of communication so as to know what information you are receiving and where it is coming from. As the vibrational changes of the earth increase and you become clearer, you may experience a sense of being bombarded with information and energy unless you are attuned to your own frequency.

You are brushing up on your ability to play your own instrument and tuning it so it clearly can play and harmonize with the other instruments in the orchestra. If it isn’t tuned then you will feel discontent, and it will be unpleasant to listen to you and others. This is the analogy that I can give you of your experience. 

It means to really get to know yourselves, who you are, what you are creating, your own vibration and how it harmonizes with others. By doing so you will see what adjustments you need to make to be in sync with the orchestra of your world.

If you feel out of place, alone, discomfort or emotional stress, these are symptoms that you may be drawing in the energy of others; and it is a reflection of what your own vibration is, as you will draw in what you resonate with.

It is an opportunity to look at where the discomfort lies within you, how you feel about it. You have so much stored within yourselves that is unconscious programming from your childhood that you learned from your families and environment and collective consciousness.

You need to take responsibility for your reality and choices so that you can become the powerful creators that you are. You are creating your reality. It’s time to start creating consciously instead of unconsciously.

The more you become aware of this the greater your ability to create your reality will become. You are so powerful. It’s time to step into your power and create the world you truly desire to live in.  

Realize that you are all one soul, one body. Start creating your reality from the perspective of love and oneness instead of fear and limitation, and this includes your earth.  

Know that you are never alone. We in the non-physical realm are here supporting you and guiding you and are here to assist you. All you need to do is ask and be open to the signs or direct guidance that comes to you.

If you ask for help, look for the synchronicities that come, the people that you meet, the things that you receive in your email, news, conversations that you hear. Become aware of your experience.  

Start learning, practicing and be open to people who come into your lives to teach you until you are able to directly learn from your non-physical teachers as they will guide and teach you to what you came here to do.

Those of you who are reading this have a purpose in this lifetime to help in this shift of the ages. You are the way showers. It is a great evolution for your souls that you have taken this path and we commend you for your effort, as we know how difficult it is to be in human form. 

It is also the greatest accomplishment and experience to transcend the ego and connect with your soul and source while in a human form as you will experience the most profound love and light through the physical senses and emotions.  

Appreciate the gift and the beauty of this challenge and opportunity. As you begin to see life from this perspective; your life will change, and your experience will become one of unconditional love, acceptance, beauty and appreciation.  

You will also be finding your soul families that resonate with you to journey with and create this great shift.

As you are going through the clearing process, you may bring in people to clear old issues; and then they will move on and new people will come in.

Let go of attachments and appreciate the people in your life as they come in and know that you are always drawing in people exactly what you need for where you are at the moment to grow and evolve.  

Everything you receive is exactly what you are creating so if you don’t like what you are receiving, then look at what your beliefs are and make different choices. If you need help ask for it either from people in the physical or the non-physical. We can’t help you if you don’t ask or desire help.  

If you think you can do it alone, then that is what you will receive. You will do it alone. There are deep unconscious programs that we can help you with either directly or through those who are there to assist like Leah and others. They can help you. Reach out for help. It is always there. I am here for you.  Just ask for my assistance.  

We are Metatron. I say we, as we are a group of beings that have returned to source and united as one collective being of source. We are here assisting this great shift on your earth along with others. We come here to awaken the eternal spirit that you are.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. Leanne
    11 years ago

    It is incredibly refreshing and encouraging for me to see these types of things and hear from other people. I’ve been having visions since I was a small child, and oh, about ten years ago I started to seek psychiatric help because these changes seemed utterly irrational, when in fact they are evidently happening to a lot of people, and these are good changes. A few years ago, I gave up everything to follow my heart, so to speak, and it’s been a most amazing journey.

    I now share with people and talk about opportunities instead of odds, or in addition to, as I am an engineer and statistician.

    It is amazing to have a new language in this realm to express what I have known intuitively since I was a small child, and be encouraged and empowered to speak openly, where as a child I was often abused or called a witch, or accused of trafficking with demons because I had these strange gifts and awareness.

    I’m learning now to trust and foster myself, and still, I maintain a discipline of silence until I can discern the stage of awakening that someone is at, and then coach them for their point in process.

    I find that retrospect has been incredibly freeing, because again, this sort of language, these types of posts, give me a context with which my experiences fit quite beautifully.

    I only know that God has told me to, “Help heal My bride”, “Make it easier for others”, among other things, which, to an engineer, is in itself unusual words, that I know did not come from my experience, but in following these things, following signs and remaining open, I’ve seen some tremendously amazing things.

    Thank you again, and May God bless.

    • leah
      11 years ago

      Thanks for sharing Leanne. Connecting through the internet has given us the ability to realize how we are all so similar and that we are all one consciousness, the consciousness of God. Just as we can have varying conversations in our head, you could say we are all the varying conversations in the mind of God, all possibilities. Our natural gifts may have been shut down in one way or another by our experience with our caregivers and environment. This is partly due to our soul’s path as it is in the re-discovery of our gifts that enables us to help others do the same. Part of my gift is to help guide others to re-discover their gifts and manifest their purpose. Clearing the fear is one step.

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