Beliefs About Your Age

There are so many beliefs around your age that I want to bring to your attention of how these beliefs affect your experience.

You have societal beliefs of what is young, middle age and old age that creates limitations, physical, mental and emotional.

For example, when you are young you want to be old enough to be able to do things you aren’t allowed to do, creating a belief that you aren’t good enough with where you are. You then have beliefs and judgments that if you are past a particular age you won’t be acceptable because you can’t bear children and that puts pressure and pain on you.

Then there is retirement and old age and all those beliefs you have adopted.

Throughout time these limits have changed. At one time child bearing was at 15 and still is in some cultures. Some it isn’t occurring until late 30’s and early 40’s and even into 50’s.

I am bringing this to your awareness of how your beliefs individually and from society have impacted your experience. These beliefs have not only created your emotional experiences, they have also created your physical experiences.

If you are conditioned and believe that life ends at a certain time you will create yourself to slow down, develop aches and pains or other physical ailments or even a deadly disease to bring about your death.

Part of this conditioning is purposeful, as they are what direct your life and experience.

You are now coming to a time to become creators of your reality. It is from this awareness that you are awakening to your inner power to release this programming and begin to create your own by understanding who you truly are and that you are the creator of your reality and experience, either consciously or unconsciously. It is up to you to decide what you choose to experience.

Thank you. Rohan.

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