Are you Happy with Your Life?

Are you happy with what you are feeling and experiencing in your life?

What are you feeling?

What you are feeling is what you spend most of your time thinking and focusing on. So then what you see and experience is based on your perspective from where you are now. If you don’t like what you see, change your perspective by expanding your awareness & changing your focus.

That can be difficult if you’re feeling bad or what is in front of you seems daunting. When you feel this way, anything other than what you desire to feel, it is causing you to ask for change.

The universe, your soul, source, God, guides will always provide you with what you desire but only if you allow yourself to receive it. When you stay focused on the lack of what you desire you are not open or tuned to the receiving of the change that you desire.

The only control we have is our point of attraction by what is going on inside of ourselves. We have the ability to shift our point of attraction by shifting what we are creating within. Get in touch with what you are thinking and feeling. Is it something you want to feel.

Sometimes we go through painful experiences to guide us to shift our focus to what we truly desire. You don’t have to know the specifics just how you want to feel. Choose how you want to feel and then look for the things already in your life that you feel that way about. Then let go and trust the infinite flow of source to fill you with the feeling you wish to experience. This new vibration or feeling will tune you to a new perspective and attract everything that is a match to what you wish to feel and experience.

Some things will show up immediately. Some are on their way like the birth of a new baby. Just pay attention to your habitual thoughts. If you want more abundance but you feel fear or the lack of it you are limiting what you can receive and attracting more of what you feel. Focusing on what you desire can also block what you want if it is causing you to focus on the lack.

Instead, focus on what it feels like to be prosperous to you. Appreciate what you already have and enjoy. Even if the only thing you can think of is the comfort of your bed, the air conditioning in your home and car, having a car that gets you around, a computer and phone to connect you with others, a sunny day, etc. whatever gives you a feeling of what you desire.

Once you feel the shift, you have a new point of attraction. Watch as signs, ideas, manifestations come in. It could be words in a song you hear. Receiving a two-for-one coupon for dinner or someone inviting you out to dinner. Don’t discount anything that comes to you. As you notice the little things and appreciate them, you open a greater and greater flow to continue.

Think of your thoughts like a faucet opening or closing the flow.
Have fun as you watch what happens.

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Much love,


Leah Levkowitz Empowering Transformational Breakthroughs to Brilliance

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"Thank you Leah! Your session helped me to see myself and situation in a new light. I feel freer and happier since you worked with me, and a deeper connection to source. So many doors have opened, and I feel it is because you helped me to see they were open. Thank You.”
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