Are there ET’s and Starseeds and What is Their Role in Our Experience here?

Souls are beginning to awaken to who they truly are. In doing so their awareness of their soul makes it difficult to live and tolerate the consciousness of 3 dimensional human forms. Perceiving your world from the 3 dimensional confines of your mind is very difficult. As a result this is bringing an awareness of tapping into a world beyond the mind. This awakening process brings with it confusion and a pulling from the collective consciousness kind of like climbing a mountain with many others holding onto your feet.

As you awaken to your true essence you feel alone in your physical environments. This causes you to either reach out to others or go within and shut down further. Either way will eventually bring you to the same place.

The path that causes you to isolate yourselves comes from a number of causes. Some of you have come here incarnated for the first time as you have incarnated on other planets and have come here in this time to help bring new innovations and assistance to this world. As such you feel out of place more so than those who have lived on earth before.

Truth be told, you are all souls that come from a non-physical realm and as you awaken there is a sense of not belonging. That is because earth is only a temporary home and you long to return to your soul’s essence, which is pure love. You must understand that whatever path you are on, you are not alone as you are supported by many on the non-physical realm and you are accompanied by many in the physical realm.

Now as far as ETs, those of you who have taken the path of assisting the earth through connection with spirits from other galaxies are tuning into this experience to reveal the insights from soul’s that have chosen other universal experiences and bring in their knowledge to assist the progress of earth.

The same reason that most do not see spirits or ETs making their presence is because of your fear based consciousness. So those who have chosen to be the forerunners in both areas are awakening these experiences and learning how to understand and communicate and eliminate fear. This process will open the door to eliminate the fear that has been created and perpetuated by your stories, movies and religious upbringing.

Whichever path you are on, is a journey of growth, self-acceptance and love. We hope this brings more light to those who are the forerunners and will understand if you are. Be patient with yourselves and know that you are being guided even if you do not realize it yet.

We will continue to bring teachings and assistance through Leah and others until you all are open to receive your own direct guidance.

Blessings, light and love,

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  1. Gurkan
    11 years ago

    hello, i’m following you on twitter and i’m personally on a path where i try to turn my negative fear energies to positive energies of love with meditation
    do you have any other way or method for me ?
    thanks a lot..

    • leah
      11 years ago

      It’s important to know what your unconscious programming is in order to consciously create your experience rather than have it run you. My Soul Empowerment Healing sessions intuitively take you to the root of your fears, which is a process guided by your soul, guides and God to uncover your unconscious beliefs and understand from the child’s perspective to heal and shift you into self love and acceptance and empower your true expression. It releases unresolved emotions and energy patterns stored in your energy field creating your life experiences. For more info go to

  2. Cathy
    11 years ago

    Thank you, while reading this, I felt all of it. I have a journey ahead and learning the difficult way of patience. Patience is a key to move forward right now. Guess letting go and allowing the universe to take over and for me to allow things come when it is time and not on my time. Leah, you sent me this email at the right time. Thank you for connecting. Loving myself is my 2nd teaching. We have to remember to Love ourselves completely and fully, no matter what.
    Thank you, and many Blessings!!

  3. Tu' Laria Su' Laria
    11 years ago

    Thank you for this message from Metatron, Leah! I know I am being guided every step of the way. I am open to receiving my own Direct Internal Guidance within! Now!

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