2020 Pandemic and Conscious Change

It is I Metatron.

We would like to address today, shifting focus to what has been happening in your energy field.

We are taking your understanding deeper to the interplay between conscious thought from your human perspective to the perspective of your soul and that of spirit. Meaning, the perspective of source and how it is filtered down through the various streams of consciousness whether it is through spirit guides, other souls, or just the collective consciousness.

When a human has a thought it tunes to other thought forms, and similar vibrations that align with that thought.

Emotions are generated from a person’s perspective of a thought from past experience and generally a thought will trigger a particular emotion that was learned.

However when one becomes conscious of ones thoughts and emotions then one can direct and change the chosen emotion thereby changing the frequency of thought to one desired by consciously choosing and shifting focus which then draws to oneself a different experience.

A person’s perspective and beliefs will draw guidance from spirit guides based on the person’s beliefs, desires and purpose that will lead to expansion of their consciousness according to their purpose and where they are on their individual life experience continuum.

It may appear that some guidance that they receive is outdated or inaccurate. However you must understand that the guidance comes through in order to shift the beliefs of where they are and to whom they are communicating with.

So people who have beliefs, for example, of Satan and evil will receive streams of thoughts around these subjects that will validate their fears and concerns slowly guiding them to question and come to different conclusions. As they seek answers with doubts they will open to receive different opinions. Once one has a question in their mind they are opening a small window to see a different understanding and be able to shift to receive a different perspective that they are able to grasp and understand and believe.

Once you let go of all conceived of beliefs and open to the highest truth from source you are opening a path to expand consciousness with letting go of the beliefs that you have learned even if you thought they were truth from god.

All religions are formed from these constructs in which you have varying experiences.

The enormous desire for change, unity, love, equality and spiritual connection has created what is occurring in the world right now.

There has been a strong desire and equally strong resistance out of fear to change and this is why in order to break through this resistance, there had to be a big shift in the way you are able to do things. You are being forced to look at things differently, from medicine, science, economy, communication and human understanding and love.

It is uncomfortable for most to let go of what you find security in, but it is a false sense of security and so it is being taken away so that you can seek to find true security from within, from your source, your soul. It is the only place you can find true power, to end security and freedom from outside influences.

Many religions speak of Idol worship but do not understand this concept wholly. Idol worship is giving power to anything outside of your soul and source, whether it is money, pleasing others, physical pleasures, controlling others, food, drugs, etc.

Awakening to your true inner power that comes from your soul, from your higher self and from source, once you have this direct communication or openness to receive clear wisdom on the highest perspective then you will receive guidance to a clear path of self-love, acceptance and then love of all things.

Understanding that there is purpose and connection to all things based on what your focus is, your souls purpose and understanding that you are important in the whole of all existence.

Once you understand what true unconditional love and acceptance is you will experience peace, joy and fulfillment no matter what is going on in the world around you.

Part of the problem is your fear of death. Once you see that nothing ever dies but transforms into something greater, you will cease to suffer. You suffer loss because you believe that something has been taken from you.

If you will seek love, wisdom and joy from within and not depend on these things from others then you will always have those things. It is a law.

When you transition into non-physical spirit consciousness you are not separated. The consciousness of connections that you had will always be available to you. If you hold on to the loss and that you are alone then you are creating this experience for yourself instead of opening to more love and connection coming to you physically and consciously from those you were connected to who transitioned.

Once you let go of attachment to physical things and allow a flow of love, joy and abundance to come through you, you will always have the experience of things coming to you that best fulfill those feelings and beliefs.

We are here to guide you and co-create with you and for now we leave you.

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